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How can Telemedicine Help with the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic introduces fresh light to the health care sector with telemedicine. The demand for advanced solutions increased because health care providers needed to stay alive and healthy. It makes the whole face to face appointment process faster. It decreases the risk of being infected by the coronavirus by bringing the patient and the physician together without the presents of hospital staff.  

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5 Tips for How to Manage Remote Sales During COVID-19

The pandemic compelled sectors to integrate into a new system which is remote sales. Many firms and companies are fighting to get back in the game to survive. But not all of the companies succeed in remote sales. Learn how to be successful in remote sales with five tips.

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How to Choose a Video Conferencing Platform by Their Features

Due to the fact that globalization and the recent pandemic outbreak, video conferencing becomes more important than ever. As cost-effective and easy to use, video conferencing has already become commonly adopted in many fields. Choosing one of the various platforms is not an easy decision to make. With the right video conferencing platform, you can accomplish your goals quickly.

Illustration of a man who is trying to sell or provide something via Arvia video chat

Sales has never been this easy!

With the novel coronavirus pandemic around the world, sales and marketing practices are drastically changing. Remote sales by using video sales are the key solution for higher customer engagement. Learn how to start remote sales and the benefits of using videos in your sale.

A man is showing the machine's part with his phone via Arvia video chat

How Field Services Integrate Video Calling

The pandemic challenges field service management just as other sectors. Companies aim to ensure their business continuity and keep their employees and clients safe as a first priority during the pandemic process. In order to stabilize their business continuity, as usual, field service organizations accept a new procedure: video calling.


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