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Arvia SDK gives you a fine-grained control
over a video call.
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Arvia Web SDK is a Javascript library built on top of the WebRTC protocol. You
can create a video communication solution with a custom look and feel.


Out of the Box

• Customizable video chat interface

• Direct access to video and audio track data

• Ability to create custom video and audio tracks

• Cross-browser compatibility

• Compatible with Web Development Frameworks


Track & Analyze

All broadcasting analytics are on your fingertips!

• How many people joined?

• Sales conversions details

• Likes, shares, comments and questions


Build with the Arvia JS library:

• Screen sharing

• Active speaker indicator

• Multiple layout modes

• Text chat

• Participant list

• Network analytics display

• Localized interfaces

• Client-side event management

• Custom authentication

• Set user info

• Change audio/video settings

• Enable/disable built-in UI elements


And Many More to Explore!

• File Upload

• Branded Experience

• Take Snapshots

• Control Opponent’s Camera

• Text Chat

• Propietory Routing Algorithm

• Clientside Event Handling

• Custom Authentication

• Draw on Screen

• Screen Sharing

• Localization

• Device & Platform Free

Using Arvia SDK, you can leverage the built-in methods and features to get
started quickly. With Arvia, it is very easy to enable/disable all the built-in
features anytime.

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You can customize your tone of voice in any language. Arvia’s SDK is very flexible and allows you to customize and translate the texts used in the UI.

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Custom Authentication

You can implement your own authentication flow and prevent unauthorized users from joining your meeting rooms.

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Device & Platform Independent

Arvia is a browser based video chat solution. It works on computers, tablets, mobile devices and kiosks regardless of the operating system.

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Client Side Event Handling

With Arvia, you can create or use the existing web hooks to trigger events that you connect with any 3rd party application.

For Developers

Using our REST API and Webhooks, you can also automate the data flow and integrate with your ERP & CRM systems.

What does Arvia SDK allow me to customize?

You can visit our SDK reference. Our customizable SDK allows you to build up your own video chat platform. Variety of industries are using Arvia for their specific use-cases.

When to use Arvia Video Call Web SDK?

Arvia Javascript SDK for web based video meetings is the best choice when you need to build a completely custom video chat experience.
You can add your own functionalities with a structure that can adapt to business processes suitable for the design of your own site, and can work independently of device and platform. It can respond to your specific needs with its specialized features.

How can integrate video chat with my website and other business apps?

Arvia offers integrations with popular business apps like Zendesk, Shopify, Google Analytics, CMS, and E-commerce platforms. Using Arvia’s ready-to-use integrations, businesses can transfer customer conversations to their CRM systems and automate data flow.

Does Arvia Video Chat offer in-app voice and video support?

Yes, Arvia offers in-app voice and video support to engage with users in a few minutes using Arvia Video Chat SDK & API.

Is Arvia mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, Arvia mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. This allows businesses to respond to their customers anytime, anywhere, regardless of their device preferences.