Meet with online shoppers
in your virtual store.

One-to-One Video Shopping helps you close more sales with your customers. Get closer to your customers and boost conversions with this shoppable video call experience.
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Get Your Customers Closer Than Ever With a
Personal Experience They can’t Get Anywhere Else

Help them find the right products, answer any questions and make their
purchase a seamless journey to brand loyalty.



Video Chat for Website

Arvia video call widget helps turning your ecommerce into a virtual store.

Get closer to your customers and increase conversions with this shoppable video calling experience.

Drive sales by adding video call on your website.


3rd Party Integrations

Arvia offers the flexibility needed to integrate with any 3rd party tools you use.

Any CRM or ERP system can be easily integrated into Arvia by using our APIs and webhooks. Also, Arvia offers built-in integrations to WordPress, Zendesk, Shopify, Google Analytics and more!


Proprietary Routing Algorithm

We match the buyers to the best experts.

How do we do this?

• Store Specific Data

• Availability Of Experts

• Historical Sales Performance

• Most Efficient Hours


Multi-functional Management Dashboard

Stay on top of all your projects with our multifunctional dashboard that consolidates information in a single screen. From detailed analytics screens, role management abilities, project management features and more – you’ll be able to monitor everything at a glance.

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We create enriching & exciting customer experiences with our one to one video shopping service.

  • Customers chat and shop on-screen with your chosen agents in real time.
  • Our interactive solution is designed to help you convert more shoppers into sales.

Arvia one to one video shopping makes it easy for your agents to reach more customers, from in-store or at home via smartphone or desktop.

  • Searching for products to display, compare and sell is simple and intuitive.
  • Guide customers through product highlights and specific features in detail.
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Customers chat and shop on-screen with your chosen agents in real time.

Our interactive solution is designed to help you convert more visitors to shoppers.

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What is Phygital?

Phygital is a term used to describe a blend of physical and digital experiences. It refers to the integration of online and offline experiences in a seamless and interconnected way. This concept is often applied to retail, where it involves combining physical stores with online experiences through the use of technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and live streaming.

The goal of phygital experiences is to provide customers with a more immersive and personalized shopping experience. Phygital strategies are becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek to adapt to the changing landscape of retail and meet the expectations of digitally savvy consumers.

1:1 live video shopping sessions can be considered a phygital solution, as they involve the use of technology and digital platforms to enhance the shopping experience.

1:1 live video shopping sessions are private, personalized shopping experiences that are conducted through live video calls. They typically involve a customer and a representative of the business, and they may be used to demonstrate products, answer questions, or facilitate purchases.

What is One-on-One Live Video Shopping?

One-on-one live video shopping is a service that allows customers to shop online in real-time using video chat with a personal shopping assistant. It is similar to in-store shopping, but the customer can shop from the comfort of their own home and receive personalized recommendations and assistance from a real person through a video call.

Is One-to-One Live Video Shopping a form of Live Commerce?

Yes, one-on-one live video shopping can be considered a form of live commerce. Live commerce, also known as social commerce, refers to the use of live video streaming or other real-time online communication tools to facilitate the sale of products or services.

One-on-one live video shopping involves a seller offering a personalized shopping experience to a single customer over live video. The seller may demonstrate and talk about the features and benefits of the product, answer any questions the customer may have, and help the customer make a purchase decision. This can be done through platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or other video conferencing software.

One-on-one live video shopping can be an effective way for sellers to offer a personalized and convenient shopping experience to customers. It allows sellers to build a more personal connection with customers and provide them with individualized attention and assistance. It can also be a useful tool for sellers who want to showcase and sell higher-priced or more specialized products that may require more in-depth product demonstrations and discussions.

Which industries can benefits from one-on-one live video shopping?

One-on-one live video shopping can be beneficial for a variety of industries. Some industries that may particularly benefit from this type of live commerce include:

  1. Fashion and apparel: One-on-one live video shopping can be a useful tool for fashion and apparel retailers to showcase their products and offer personalized style advice to customers.
  2. Beauty and personal care: 1:1 Live video shopping can be an effective way for beauty and personal care brands to demonstrate the use and effectiveness of their products and offer personalized skincare or makeup recommendations to customers.
  3. Home decor and furniture: Sellers of home decor and furniture can use one-on-one live video shopping to showcase their products in a more personal and interactive way and offer design advice to customers.
  4. Luxury goods: 1:1 Live video shopping can be a useful tool for sellers of luxury goods to provide a personalized and high-touch shopping experience to customers and showcase the craftsmanship and attention to detail of their products.
  5. Specialty products: Sellers of specialty products, such as high-end audio equipment or sporting goods, can use one-on-one live video shopping to provide in-depth product demonstrations and answer any questions customers may have.

What are the best practices for 1:1 live video shopping?

There are several best practices that sellers can follow when conducting. 

One-on-one live video shopping sessions:

  1. Use high-quality video and audio equipment: Make sure that you have a good webcam and microphone and that your internet connection is stable. This will help ensure that the video and audio quality of your live video shopping session are clear and easy to understand.
  2. Prepare a script or outline: Having a script or outline can help you stay organized and ensure that you cover all of the key points you want to make during the session.
  3. Practice good customer service: Be friendly, helpful, and respectful when interacting with customers. Answer any questions they may have and do your best to address any concerns they may have.
  4. Offer special deals or discounts: Consider offering special deals or discounts to customers during your live video shopping session to encourage them to make a purchase.
  5. Follow up after the session: Make sure to follow up with customers after the session to thank them for their business and see if they have any additional questions or needs.
  6. Make sure to adhere to any relevant laws and regulations: Make sure that you are following all relevant laws and regulations when conducting one-on-one live video shopping sessions, including any rules related to privacy and data protection.

How can customers start 1:1 Video Shopping on my eCommerce site?

First, your customers  click on the 1:1 Live Video Shopping widget on your online store.  Next, all available sales agents are called. Video calls can be answered via Arvia Dashboard or Arvia Mobile App. Your customer connects with the sales expert who answers the calls first.

In 1:1 Live Video Shopping, how do I receive incoming calls?

You can answer incoming calls from Arvia mobile application or Arvia Dashboard.

How can I show products to the customer during the 1:1 Live Video Shopping Session?

Arvia one to one video shopping puts the power of your inventory at your customer’s fingertips. Enable them to browse through your products and find a product that suits their needs. See which products they are searching or looking for and connect them to give detailed information by presenting the products live. Also take your conversation to the next level by offering similar products to catch cross sell and upsell opportunities. FAQ