Arvia Webhooks

With Arvia, you can create or use the existing web hooks to trigger events that you connect with any 3rd party application. With the flexible API, you can imagine endless possibilities of how Arvia will integrate with your application to help bring them to life.
  • Arvia lets you easily integrate web hooks with any third-party application to handle events triggered from your site. Arvia is built on Node.js and all hooks are JSON-encoded.
  • Arvia provides an easy to use interface to manage all your webhooks and their events, reducing the complexity of the process and it eliminates the need for you to rewrite your custom code for each event you want to trigger.
Arvia Webhooks Flow
data visualization

Gather Data

Every move on your video chat platform will be recorded!


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Tons of Metrics Provided

You can track your employees and customers with Arvia's detailed analytics screen.


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Customize your own workflow with the help of the simplified, easy to use structure!


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Skyrocket Your Business

Analyze and improve your business' abilities continuously.


Arvia dashboard's web hooks tab

Make automation work for you - without a single line of code

Arvia API webhooks allow triggers to be set up to handle the events (i.e. meeting started, user joined, user left and more). Use any of the standard webhook frameworks to create custom actions in your own system or 3rd party provider.

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