Arvia can talk and transmit data with 3rd party software you use.

Integrates and interoperates with your CRM and ERP systems. You can transfer all this data to the media you want, and automates your workflows.
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Google Analytics

From the Arvia dashboard, you can simply integrate your Google Analytics tracking code to the system and link your website data to the Arvia platform. With this integration, you can easily track conversion rates and which agent talked with whom. Also, it is being used to determine the commission rates of the agents to improve the service quality. That is an indispensable feature for the sales and e-commerce teams where you can develop your sales abilities up to 8 times.

Shopify (Coming soon…)

Shopify is the biggest e-commerce infrastructure in the world. Our integration helps Shopify customers add the Arvia Video Shopping experience to their websites with a single click. On the Arvia dashboard, you can easily integrate video-chat services to your website and can serve your customers in a flash. The integration comes in different plans. After you set up the integration, your free trial will start for 14 days and then you will be able to choose whatever plan you like to continue to use Arvia services. Using the power of face-to-face communication will improve your sales and marketing efforts up to 8 times!

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Arvia provides your customer support and sales teams with quick and easy to access video calls with screen sharing, presentation, snapshots and cloud recording. Agents jump into a video call support session directly from your Zendesk ticket.One or more participants (clients, experts, customers, partners, …) get into the live session by simply clicking a room dedicated to an agent: No installation and no sign in is needed to get all your customers into a fully featured call on any device.


Our Slack integration allows you to create meetings very simply and quickly. You can set up the integration right from the Arvia dashboard with a single click. After linking the Slack and Arvia accounts, using the /arvia command, you can create a meeting without logging in and start your meetings immediately by sharing.

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