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How Live Video Shopping are Boosting Online Sales in the Beauty Industry

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Do you want your customers to have an unforgettable cosmetic and beauty shopping experience? Then, live video shopping has you covered. Shopping just got way more relaxed. Because your customers now have a virtual wingman, they can shop ’til they drop.

You become the real deal when you offer live streaming, where customers can tune in to see your new beauty products in real-time. In fact, it is all about connection. By providing one-to-one video chat, your customers can have a personal consultation with you, discussing their beauty needs and preferences privately.

And the best part? They can ask questions and even pick up some gear without leaving their crib. It’s a dream come true for shopaholics.

La Mer and Dior, for instance, started running a roaring business on Amazon while the site was under lockdown. Demand for home comforts has driven up the price of pampering goods like aromatherapy and haircare by 300% year over year.

The reason for this may be that people are seeking luxury and indulgence in their self-care routines. They don’t feel like leaving the couch. So Amazon saw an opportunity to capitalize on fun and keep customers engaged. And with a live host who’s got jokes and a personality, shopping turns from boring to fun.

Live commerce is the way to go if you want to engage your customers. This will create a shopping experience that’s straight-up legendary.


Live video shopping brings the fun factor back

It’s the new buzz in the retail game. Also, it’s bringing excitement back to shopping. Mixing business with pleasure is like hitting two birds with one stone. First, your customers get to have a good time while they shop! They can connect with other shoppers and even their favorite influencers, making the whole experience way more awesome.

And it’s not just about the fun factor; it’s also about the details. Customers can watch live streams to get the real scoop on a product from the people who know it best. So no more guesswork or relying on basic information from e-commerce sites. Another way to get customers involved is to encourage them to ask questions or comment during the live stream. 

Live commerce is the real deal for you if you want to level up your shopping game!


The sensory experience improves product understanding

Online shopping has a flaw when it comes to getting hands-on with products. Although chatbots have tried to bridge the gap, it still needs to catch up. However, live commerce is shaking things up with its “digitally sensory” experience.

Customers can now see products in 360 degrees, watch them change sizes, and even feel them. This gives them a close-to-real-life shopping experience. As a result, they better grasp what they’re considering buying. 

In 2022, more than 70% of Americans chose to shop online. There were a total of 268 million digital buyers in the United States. By 2025, this number is likely to reach 285 million.


People buy from people

It’s easier to sell with communication, and retail is no exception. As human touch builds relationships and helps you sell your products better. Live commerce gets this, and that’s why killing it with high conversion rates. 

It adds a human face to the bland and non-human online shopping experience. Customers who talk to your salesperson are also more likely to buy more. Beauty retailers leveraging live commerce will see their average order value increase. 

ShopShops, for example, has integrated live commerce into their business. Comparatively, they’ve seen a 200% increase in average order value.


Personalized recommendations and product demonstrations

People are paying more attention to what they put on their skin. So the demand for organic and natural beauty products is on the rise. However, running an eCommerce beauty brand is challenging despite the industry’s growth. 

It would be a shortcoming if you couldn’t meet your customers’ needs. If they can’t try on makeup or skincare items, that can be a problem. Or even see how different shades look on them.

Customers have different skin types, textures, pain points, and makeup styles. As your beauty brand and product lines grow, catering to these preferences becomes harder. Remember that beauty products are super personal. 

But this doesn’t imply that it can’t be done. On the contrary, adding live commerce to your marketing plan can reduce pain points efficiently. For example, inform your customers about your products with one-on-one live video shopping sessions. But, most importantly, help them choose the right product. These sessions let customers get skincare tips from anywhere, anytime. 

Your beauty brand’s revenue can go up if you give your customers a personalized experience. Furthermore, it’s an excellent experience for customers to watch how the items are used and applied. Even do product demos with live-streaming sessions. After a demo, your audience will better understand your products.

You can also offer a Q&A session to let customers ask questions and get prompt answers. Livestream shopping works well for personal care products. This will build trust and make your customers satisfied. 


Increased trust and credibility

Wanna guess what makes people trust you? I’m talking about live commerce. That’s right. It’s the most potent trust booster for online beauty retailers. 

Your hosts are the cream of the crop and can chat with customers. Your audience can ask questions and see the products in action. As if someone had a personal shopping buddy who knew what to buy.

They can do all that while connecting with other people with similar interests. For example, a host can show the audience how to apply lip gloss to create a natural, everyday look during a live session. The host could then show how to layer and blend the product for a bolder, more glamorous look.

In addition, customers get a unique shopping experience that makes them want to return for more. That’s just the icing on the cake. 

Customers don’t just buy the product when you bring the live commerce vibe. They buy into the brand.

Live commerce is the move if you wanna solidify that trust with your beauty customers. It’s like hitting the jackpot for customer engagement.

The beauty market is booming, second only to clothes and fashion. And 7.6% of all those beauty stores are getting into the live stream game. So real talk, if you want to keep up, you’ve gotta jump on the live stream bandwagon too.


Access to a larger audience

Ready to launch live commerce in your business? Fix the problem and focus on the solution. The biggest names in retail play the live sell game. Some hook up with the biggest social media platforms, like Facebook and TikTok. While others blaze their own trail with dedicated live selling channels. 

Either way, you’ll reach a massive audience and make big bucks. For instance, companies like Sephora, Kohl’s, and Adidas have been rocking with their Facebook Live Shopping campaigns. Millions of people watched them, and they made a fortune. In addition, Facebook users follow businesses on Facebook in 78% of cases.

Integrate a video chat feature or use a live streaming platform. Then, as you go live, you can link your fantastic products, so they appear at the bottom. 

Live commerce lets your audience be shopping ninjas and make direct purchases. 

“Consumers perceive social media channels as personable reflections of brands. So it’s critical to do live selling in a way that maintains that perception.”


Personalized shopping experience with live video shopping

As conversational commerce grows, your brand needs to focus on personalization. When providing tailored communication, you should be aware of customers’ behavior and demands. Most consumers prefer brands with whom they have a personal connection. 

Also, 63% of shoppers say instant messaging gives them a sense of belonging while shopping. As a result, nearly 79% of consumers will buy the stuff. 

You can benefit a lot from live commerce. For example, you can give customers a more personalized online shopping experience with shoppable video chat. That could lead to more sales. You can also increase their trust by offering personalized purchases.

You can suggest certain items based on a customer’s needs, skin type, and preferences. For example, you can offer an appropriate sunscreen to a customer based on their skin type and the climate they are in.



Live commerce offers an incredibly cost-effective approach. As it helps expand the reach and connect with a wide-ranging audience. Above all, it can boost sales significantly without spending a fortune on traditional advertising.


Increased impulse buying

Creating a fun live commerce experience with limited-time promotions and discounts for audiences is possible. Use a sense of urgency to excite them and prompt quick clicks on the ‘buy’ button.

The key ingredient is that audiences should feel like they’re part of the show and won’t want to miss it. In addition, with your host right there, you can connect directly with your customers. This creates an emotional bond that will have them buying up a storm!

Live commerce knows how to stir up their inner spend-thrift with social proof, scarcity, and exclusivity! It’s shopping, but better!

On the other hand, remember that you can also trigger instant purchases during one-on-one live video shopping sessions. In addition, creating personalized discount coupons can leave a lasting impression on your customers. You can even define discounts in advance, making it easy for them to take advantage of great deals when they buy the recommended products. So get ready to see your sales soar with these personalized and thoughtful touches!


Conclusion: Live Video Shopping in the Beauty Industry

The beauty and cosmetics industry is getting a makeover from live commerce, which makes shopping more fun than a spa day. Live streams and one-on-one video chats allow customers to see the latest beauty products without leaving their cozy cocoons.

And let’s be honest; who wouldn’t want to stay in their jammies and indulge in self-care while shopping? With live commerce, shopping feels more like a party. Customers get to mingle with a host, influencers, and other shoppers. It’s going to be a virtual happy hour for beauty junkies.

The cherry on top! Your product demos and recommendations are like having your own virtual glam squad. 

The bottom line is live commerce adds a human touch to shopping. It’s paying off with higher conversion rates and an increase in average order value. So, if you’re not already using live commerce, you’re missing out on all the fun – and money!


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