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Redefining Wine Shopping: Video Assistance Gives Retailers an Edge

A woman at the supermarket can't decide which wine to choose - wine shopping needs video assistance

The wine eCommerce market is flourishing, with an anticipated annual growth of 5.85%. Wondering how to make a splash in this booming industry? Video assistance is here to help you shine.

This remarkable technology offers you the chance to excel in the market. So, take advantage of this incredible opportunity by embracing video assistance, and watch your sales soar.

With video assistance, you will expand your customer base and boost sales. Moreover, you will be at the forefront of the wine industry’s digital transformation. And, most importantly, your customers will love finding their perfect bottle with expert advice at their fingertips.


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How does video assistance work in an online store? 

When customers browse your online wine store, they can access a video chat feature that connects them with your wine experts. Then, in real-time, they can ask questions, get recommendations, and receive personalized guidance in selecting the perfect wine.


5 Benefits of Video Assistance for Wine Retailers

Standing out in the highly competitive wine market calls for innovative and creative marketing strategies. Dare to think outside the box and be imaginative with your marketing efforts. By personalizing the shopping experience, you can enhance customer satisfaction. Help your customers effortlessly find the perfect wine, all while creating a memorable and delightful experience. Video assistance can be a valuable asset to your wine business, enabling you to thrive in a crowded market and attract loyal customers.

Let’s explore five benefits of shopping for wine with a video assistant:


1. Make Purchasing Decisions Easier:

Video assistance can help customers make more informed purchasing decisions. You can help them choose the right wine based on your expert advice. They can ask questions, get recommendations, and get personalized help picking the perfect wine. For instance, your wine expert can suggest the perfect wine pairings for dinner to your customers through video chat. 


2. Improve Shopping Experience: 

You can improve the shopping experience by making it more delightful, enlightening, and interactive for customers. You can quickly grow your sales with real-time video assistance. Shopping with a specialist adds a personalized, human touch to the online experience, making it even more enjoyable and engaging for customers.

And it’s not only for online shopping; video assistance works wonderfully in brick-and-mortar stores too! Imagine a customer in a supermarket, holding a wine bottle and wondering which food would pair well with it. All they need to do is scan the hangtag’s QR code to connect with a wine expert via video chat. These personalized one-on-one interactions offer valuable insights into your brand and help customers shop with confidence. Your product expert can guide them in making the perfect purchase before they end the chat, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience.


3. Personalized Recommendations:

Video assistance is all about human interaction. With real-time video chat, customers can enjoy immediate, face-to-face communication, making their shopping experience more interactive and personal. They can see and hear the other side right away. As a result, E-commerce personalization also improves customer retention.

Videos help customers get personalized recommendations based on their preferences, tastes, and budget. For example, customers can find the right wine with personalized recommendations. According to one study, the average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video than without.

You’ll leave customers feeling completely satisfied and asking for more.


4. Saves Time and Effort: 

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker.

A successful business thrives by maximizing both efficiency and effectiveness within the same time frame. Video assistance can help you in achieving that success. Figure out how long it takes to fix the issues and how much time you spend on them. You aren’t just saving yourself time, but your customers too.

Your customers no longer need to rely solely on blogs, reviews, or visiting a store to receive expert advice. Instead, they can conveniently shop for wine from their homes while still enjoying the same level of service and guidance as they would in-store. No commuting, parking, or navigating to the store… The wine shopping experience becomes more convenient and efficient.


5. Build Customer Loyalty: 

Research by Bain & Company says 5% more customer retention leads to 25% more profit. With video assistance, retailers can build customer loyalty. You stand out by providing unique, customized service. If you give them exemplary service and recommendations, they’re more likely to come back. 


How to Implement Video Assistance in Your Store

You can implement video assistance in different ways, such as in-store kiosks, mobile apps, or website integrations. This can make the service more accessible for customers and increase the options for them to use it.


1. Video Chat at In-Store Kiosks

Customers can use in-store kiosks to connect with a video assistant. It gives customers more personalized service, similar to what they’d experience with a store employee. This feature is especially helpful when there are no wine experts or knowledgeable staff on hand in the store.


  • It’s easy for customers to access and get assistance without downloading apps. 
  • Customers get personalized product recommendations. 
  • It can increase sales. 


  • If a kiosk is not available, there is a long line of customers waiting.
  • It’s costly to set up and maintain.

Example: Home improvement retailer Lowe’s has installed in-store kiosks. It offers customers product info, project ideas, and how-to videos.


2. Video Chat in Mobile Apps: 

Integrating video assistance into your mobile apps makes it even easier for wine shoppers to get the help they need. By doing so, your customers can access video assistance anytime, anywhere.

With this feature, customers can effortlessly receive information about their favorite wines. They can also get recommendations for food pairings and suitable occasions to enjoy their preferred vintages.


  • Remote video assistance is available anywhere, at any time. 
  • Customer data can be used by video assistants to provide product recommendations. 
  • You can add video assistance to other features like product reviews. 


  • Some customers do not have the retailer’s app downloaded. 
  • Video chat requires a stable and reliable internet connection.

Example: Sephora is an online beauty retailer. Its mobile app has a video chat feature that lets customers ask a beauty expert for makeup advice.


Video Chat on Websites: 

You can offer video assistance to your customers through your website. This helps customers feel more connected to your business. It is possible to get help right away. You can also keep track of customer service queries so you can improve in the future. The customer clicks “Chat with an expert” and gets connected to your expert.


  • Internet access lets customers get help from anywhere. 
  • Online chat can be less expensive than in-store kiosks. 
  • You can easily add a video chat feature to your website. 


  • Video chat requires a stable and reliable internet connection.

Example: Nordstrom, a fashion retailer, offers online video chat to customers who shop on their website. Customers can talk to a stylist for recommendations and outfit ideas.


Transforming Wine Retail with Video Assistance

Did you know that support departments always look for innovative ways to deliver a better customer experience? In fact, it’s estimated that 19% of businesses are already utilizing video assistance for customer support, and this number is expected to grow.

Video assistance is revolutionizing the wine shopping experience like never before. Whether it’s customer onboarding, video knowledge bases, or live support, video assistance can seamlessly complement any customer support strategy. The best part? Customers embrace and adapt to it immediately. Surprisingly, incorporating it into your marketing strategy is easier than you think.


1. Standing Out in a Competitive Market: 

It can be challenging to stand out in today’s competitive retail market. To set themselves apart, wine retailers need to offer customers something unique. Video assistance, unlike traditional online shopping, provides a more personalized and convenient shopping experience.

With video assistance, your customers will enjoy a more engaging and tailored experience. They can ask questions and receive real-time recommendations. Moreover, customers are likely to be more loyal to your brand when they’re offered this level of personalized service.


2. Boosting E-commerce Sales with Video Assistance: 

Video assistance is a remarkable and unparalleled tool. Offering personalized service is one of the most effective ways to increase online sales. Besides, incorporating video assistance into your website creates a more immersive experience.  

By providing visual assistance, you:

  • Offer a superior level of service to your customers
  • Bring convenience to your undecided customers
  • Encourages customers to make a purchase

Ultimately, implementing visual assistance lead to increased sales, satisfied customers, and a thriving wine retail business.


3. Easily Accessible and Affordable:

How do technological advances make video assistance a popular choice for wine retailers? Because it has become more accessible and affordable for wine retailers in recent years. Technology and the internet have made this possible. 

Video conferencing features and faster internet speeds have made video assistance easier than ever. Aside from that, video assistance has gotten much cheaper over the years. So get your wine sales soaring with Arvia’s 1:1 video chat. Arvia’s video chat is perfect for wine retailers who want to provide personalized service. Enhance your customers’ experience with features such as a product list, add-to-cart on the video screen, and customizable lead forms. Moreover, you can track performance with the platform’s advanced analytics capabilities.


4. Meeting Consumer Expectations: 

As online shopping continues to gain popularity, consumers increasingly expect top-notch experiences. 

“Customer experience is the next competitive battleground.” – Jerry Gregoire.

To stay competitive in the era of online shopping, consider implementing video assistance.

Providing what customers desire is crucial, as it helps you retain their loyalty and prevents them from seeking alternatives. Embrace the latest trends and technologies to stay ahead and ensure customer satisfaction.


Conclusion: Redefining Wine Retail through Video Assistance Shopping

Some customers know extensively about different wine regions, grapes, and styles. So it’s okay for them to buy wine without help. But others may need guidance – particularly those new to wine or seeking something special. Fortunately, help is just a video away.

Video assistance lets customers communicate with your experts remotely and at their convenience. It makes it easy for customers to navigate an often overwhelming selection of wines. It saves shoppers time and makes picking a wine easier. 

Video assistance is easy to add and affordable. It’s a powerful tool that helps you stand out. Don’t miss the opportunity to provide your customers with exceptional service. You can connect with customers in real time, answer their questions, and offer suggestions. Consider adding Arvia video assistance to your platform today.





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