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Livestream Shopping Event: 10 Tips for Adding Fun and Engagement

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Are you looking for ways to make your live shopping events more engaging and successful? Well, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll share some tips and strategies to ensure that each of your live shopping events feels like a must-attend for your audience.

First things first, here’s the agenda:

  1. Importance of making livestream shopping events engaging
  2. How to make livestream shopping more fun
    1. Get creative with games, contests, and giveaways
    2. Begin with what works for your target audience
    3. Bring in influencers
    4. Be energetic, friendly, and positive
    5. Let your audience in on the fun 
    6. Demonstrate what you mean
    7. Build urgency and a fear of missing out
    8. Watch other live streams for inspiration
    9. Host a Q&A or live chat
    10. Have a surprise ending

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer, let’s get started and make your next live shopping event a huge success!





Importance of making livestream shopping events engaging

A recent study found that consumers share video content twice as often as other forms of content. If you launch a successful live shopping event, 10–20% of the audience will buy from you. But how you boost engagement is the real issue.

You want your target audience to watch more livestreams, right?

With so much happening, grabbing viewer attention can take a lot of work. But brands are innovating by creating unique experiences for their customers. It’s the key to standing out in a crowded space.

Let’s take an example. Americans working at home are mostly distracted by social media and binge-watching videos.

What do you get from this example?

Keeping live broadcast engagement high is challenging with all these distractions. However, delivering compelling content is easy if you’ve got the right ideas. It doesn’t matter if it’s a launch party or another virtual event; video streaming can help.

Plan how you will increase livestream engagement using the tips and examples below. But before that, take a look at some statistics:



Statistics showing the influence of live streaming 

In 99firms’ opinion:

  • Consumers would pay for exclusive live videos from their favorite brands 45% of the time.
  • Consumers shared videos 39% more in 2022.
  • 28% of marketers today are investing more in live streaming.

From the statistics gathered in Dacast, we see the following:

  • 81% of shoppers who watch videos are more likely to buy.
  • The attention span of a live video is 10 to 20 times greater than that of a pre-recorded video.

Market Research Future says that:

  • By 2027, the worldwide livestream industry is expected to exceed $247 billion.

Livestream: The Growing Trend in Marketing and Consumer Behavior - Exclusive Live Videos: 
45% of Consumers 
Willing to Pay - Video Sharing: 
39% Increase 
in 2022 - Attention Span:
Live Video 10-20x Greater 
Than Pre-Recorded - Video Viewership: 
81% More Likely 
to Buy - Marketing Investment: 
28% Increase in 
Live Streaming - Industry Growth: 
$247 Billion Livestream 
Industry by 2027



How to make livestream shopping events more fun:

See how businesses are using live streaming now, and you’ll be ready to start your own. Launch your first live shopping event with Arvia’s  live broadcast widget. And make it more fun and engaging than ever.


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1. Get creative with games, contests, and giveaways

Make your giveaway stand out! Getting free stuff or discounts is always fun. Instead, why not give away something related to your livestream, like tickets to an event?

Both viewers and hosts will be happy with this. Or hosting a livestream shopping event would be cool. Here, viewers can guess the next song and win concert tickets.

Give your audience the opportunity to ask questions during breaks or through chats. This is a great way to increase engagement while boosting sales.

From either party’s perspective, it is free—which means only benefits!


2. Begin with what works for your target audience

Developing great content ideas takes a lot of work! Start by studying your analytics tools. For example, look at customer data to track transactions and analyze the performance of your livestream shopping events. Also, check visits, shares, and engagement times to see what’s working.


3. Bring in influencers

Famous authors and performers make keynote speeches all the time for a reason. It’s suitable for grabbing attention. Put the same logic into your streaming events by inviting influencers.

The hosts and co-hosts are fantastic. But the game is only enjoyable if other people are participating. So encourage the influencer to help promote your event when you’ve reached an agreement.

You can also ask them to appear live on the show for a section. They can demo your stuff or answer questions. Maybe one of your brand’s fans can chat with them for a while.

Think of a theme for your promotions. Stick to smaller collections, with each promo focusing on one thing. Use titles like “summer must-haves” to grab buyers’ attention.

Consider buyer-friendly features that can be displayed on the camera —for example, a versatile product.

Remember that having a plan and a goal makes it easier for influencers to do well at events.


4. Be energetic, friendly, and positive


a. Don’t be rude:

Keep it polite, use “please” and “thank you,” and make everyone feel welcome. You’ll need all these skills to be a good host, so practice them! Who doesn’t like spending time online with friends?


b. Show some enthusiasm: 

Make sure you keep everything upbeat and encouraging, so viewers know what to expect.


c. Don’t let down your guard: 

Trust makes your audience feel more connected to your business. To earn their trust, be authentic and honest!


Stay calm if something goes wrong while live streaming. Concentrate on solutions rather than problems. It’s okay to make mistakes.


d. Communicate with your body

Using body language is a great way to express excitement.

    • Grin or giggle when it’s appropriate.
    • Use your hands for emphasis during chats or demonstrations.
    • Walk confidently, but not forcefully. Like someone talking and walking at the same time. Make sure you don’t overdo it.

By doing this, people will know we’re having fun without saying anything.


e. The conversation is better than being salesy


Making live shopping events gripping is all about being genuine and having fun. Use the chat box to interact with your viewers. Pose questions to them and respond to their responses.

Let’s crack a few jokes!


It would help if you treated your livestream more like a casual conversation than a sales pitch. Making a livestream shopping event more fun and exciting is a great way to differentiate it. Thus, it’s more than just sales; it’s fun and exciting.


Hopefully, that’ll lead to more sales.


5. Let your audience in on the fun 

Ask about their favorite colors or ask, “What’s your favorite animal?”

They’ll say something silly, but it’ll make them laugh. Also, you can ask them if they have any questions. Then, give them some valuable info if they do, or even if they don’t.

You could tell them where else they can get lower prices than you do now. They’ll love you for being honest.

Come up with something funny. Let’s face it. If you’re going to be on a livestream, you should do something crazy. And enjoyable. Even surprising!

Put a smile on your viewers’ faces, and they’ll keep coming back. Keep it fun; viewers will appreciate it if you don’t, either.


6. Demonstrate what you mean

Consider a few different options for displaying your product in your live stream. Try a fun art project if you’re selling art materials, for instance. Tell them how fantastic the resources you’re using are.

Bonus: Give gift cards for materials or books to people who leave the best comments!


7. Build urgency and a fear of missing out

You can’t go wrong with urgency in sales and marketing. This also applies to getting more people to engage with your live shopping event. You can use discounts, limited edition items, and early access.

Those who suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) make impulsive purchases.

What causes FOMO?

Seeing other people make purchases inspires customers to make their own. To feel like they belong, customers buy things they didn’t intend to buy.

Offer short-term discounts during the event. Without a doubt, it

creates a sense of urgency for viewers to make a purchase. These spontaneous purchases are critical to a brand’s marketing strategy. Because they result in conversions, you wouldn’t get them from an online store alone. The FOMO effect in livestream shopping events is an effective leverage to increase sales.


8. Watch other live streams for inspiration

Focusing too much on live stream engagement makes it hard to stay creative. It’s important to measure things. But engagement also needs ideas and inspiration.

You can spend an afternoon watching live streaming platforms. Find streaming shows and episodes that appeal to the same audience. Try watching entertainment-oriented streamers to see how they keep their viewer count high.

Watch how often live streamers interact with their audience via chat during their streams. Also, check out how live streamers present sponsored content and messages.

In Addition, incorporate storytelling into your livestream interactions for more engagement. Once you’ve learned storytelling techniques, perfect your skills by studying those who do it well!


9. Host a Q&A or live chat

Encourage audience participation by hosting a Q&A session or live chat during the event. This allows viewers to ask questions and interact with hosts and guests in real time.


10. Have a surprise ending

Keep viewers on the edge of their seats by saving a surprise for the end of the event. This could be:

  • a special guest appearance
  • a surprise product launch
  • a special promotion.


Conclusion: Tips for making livestream shopping events more engaging

With these tips, you can make your livestream shopping event fun and engage. Remember to offer special discounts and promotions and surprise your audience at the end.

You can make your livestream shopping event a success with some planning and creativity. Make your livestream shopping event fun by incorporating these elements. With Arvia’s shoppable live broadcast widget, you can make the best shopping livestream ever. Schedule a demo with us today and see how it can take your e-commerce business to new heights!


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