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Livestream Shopping Events: Build Your Revenue Stream with Frequency


Want to promote your products and connect with customers live? Then host livestream shopping events! If you do so, you’re not alone! Many eCommerce owners and marketers are incorporating this strategy into their businesses.

But have you thought about how your events are successful in the long run? And how vital is frequency for livestream shopping events? Also, how often should you host an event?

If these questions surround you, then this article is for you. Here, you’ll learn how frequency plays a significant role in livestream shopping. And how you can maximize successful events and generate a flow of money.

Let’s dive into the details.👇


What eCommerce owners and marketers shouldn’t do?

A big mistake eCommerce owners and marketers make are that they expect a revenue stream after one livestream. You can create sales during a single event, though. But there’s no way one show will make money consistently.

Instead, it is crucial to view livestream shopping as a long-term strategy. And you need to plan for multiple events over a period of time.


Role of frequency of livestream shopping events

There are several reasons why frequency is essential in livestream shopping events. Some of them are:


1. Helps build a loyal audience:

First and foremost, it helps to build a loyal audience. Hosting multiple livestream shopping events allows you to establish yourself as a regular presence on the platform. Moreover, you can encourage customers to tune in on a regular basis.

Frequently hosting livestream shopping events can help build your audience’s trust and loyalty. This strategy can lead to increased sales over time.


2. You learn from your mistakes and improve:

Frequency is also crucial because it allows you to experiment. You figure out what works best for your business. Every livestream show is an opportunity to learn and improve.

By hosting multiple events, you can fine-tune your approach. Additionally, you can find the most effective strategies for your business. This can include things like

  • the type of products you showcase
  • the length of your events
  • the frequency of your promotions.


3. Creates urgency and excitement:

Frequency can also create a sense of urgency and excitement. For example, your products will seem more exclusive if you host regular events. Although, remember that the ability to create urgency can take time in live commerce.


4. Enables a broad marketing plan:

Lastly, frequency helps businesses integrate livestream shopping into a broader marketing strategy. Event frequency is a productive way to engage customers and drive sales. Nevertheless, there are other methods of marketing.

You can include a variety of tactics, such as

  • Email marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Content marketing


So, how often should you host livestream shopping events? 

The answer depends on your business and your audience. For example, some companies find that hosting weekly events works. In contrast, others may prefer monthly or quarterly events. Decide how often to post based on your resources and your audience’s needs.

A regular schedule is an excellent place to start for determining the right frequency. Then, once you’ve got results, adjust as necessary. For example, you could begin hosting weekly events and adjust the frequency based on the response.


How can you maximize your chances of success?

You’ll get more opportunities to show off your products if you go live more often. Doing this can increase your awareness of and interest in your products. Here are some tips for maximizing your success at a livestream shopping event:


1. Plan ahead: 

It is important to have a clear plan in place before hosting a livestream shopping event. This should include things like

  • the products you will showcase
  • the length of the event
  • any promotions or discounts you will offer.

I’d suggest doubling your event frequency. Before you draw any conclusions, you should host at least ten events. You’ll get to success faster and discover the best work processes.


2. Promote the event: 

Make sure to promote your event in advance to ensure that you have a strong turnout. Take advantage of every marketing platform you can. You can use email marketing, social media ads, and even traditional marketing methods like radio and print.

You can also promote your livestream shopping event by:

  • Announcing a promo on your social media channels
  • Putting up a teaser video
  • Using a hashtag
  • Emailing to your customers
  • Post that covers everything


3. Engage with your audience: 

Livestream shopping is all about engaging with your audience in real time. So make sure to engage with your viewers during the event actively.

For example, answer the questions raised by your audience or share product details. Similarly, showcase your products in a way that is interactive and engaging.


4. Offer incentives or giveaways:

Consider offering incentives to encourage viewers to purchase the event. This can include things like special discounts, free shipping, or limited-time offers.

It’s also fun to do a giveaway. That way, your audience will keep coming back.


5. Connect and build community:

You can build a sense of community by going live regularly. It can make your events more positive and engaging, which can help you sell more. Regular livestream shopping events are essential for driving sales. Because they help to

  • Build anticipation and loyalty.
  • Showcase more products.
  • Build a sense of community and connection.
  • Allow you to experiment and optimize your performance.


6. Experiment and optimize regularly:

Going live more often lets you try out different formats and types of content. Then, as you learn from the results, you’ll be able to optimize your performance. Over time, it can help your events work better and drive more sales.


7. Follow up with viewers: 

You should follow up after the event to thank the viewers. Make them feel like they’re in control and encourage them to purchase. You can do this with email marketing or social media advertising. Or even just follow up by phone or email.


Which platform should you go with?

Another important consideration when it comes to frequency is the platform you use. Different platforms have different requirements and capabilities when it comes to livestream shopping. Therefore, choosing a platform that aligns with your business goals and your audience is essential.

For example, Instagram Live may be a good fit for a fashion retailer targeting younger consumers. In contrast, Facebook Live may be more suitable for a home goods retailer targeting a more mature audience.

I recommend broadcasting live shopping events simultaneously on your website and social media platforms. Doing this will drive the traffic you have generated with the help of other social & sales platforms to your eCommerce.

It’s simple to add a livestream shopping feature to your website, and broadcast live shopping events. In addition, your customers can have the best shopping experience with Arvia’s Livestream Shopping widget.


Conclusion: Building Revenue Stream with Event Frequency 

In conclusion, frequency is the game’s name for livestream shopping! By hosting regular events, you can build a loyal audience. Experiment to find what works best for your business. Add livestream shopping to a broader marketing plan to create a sense of urgency.

And you want to take your livestream shopping strategy to the next level. In that case, you need to check out Arvia’s Livestream Shopping solution. With this fantastic tool, you can connect with customers in real time. Showcase your products in an engaging and personalized way by integrating Arvia Livestream Shopping Widget.

So why wait? Go for it and join the livestream shopping revolution today!

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