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The New Power of the Customer Experience: Video Call

a salesman make video call with mobile phone and shows the products.

The New Power of the Customer Experience: Video Call

Establishing correct communication with the target audience, the center of sales activities, is the most important rule of marketing. This is because consumers see communication with the companies or brands they interact with as an essential part of daily life. In a constantly evolving world of communication, consumers want to develop fast and strong relationships with brands that touch their lives. At this point, video call technologies, in other words, video chat plays a crucial role in customer experience .

Video call technology constitutes one of the most important and complementary elements of the customer experience in the retail industry, as in many fields from informatics to automotive, from finance to the service industry. Video chat has become a crying need due to social isolation, distance, and remote working, and it offers many advantages to the customer experience. Let’s look at the opportunities offered by video chat technologies for the customer journey in more detail.

Advantages of using video chat technology:

As can be seen in the most successful global brands, many national companies complete infrastructure projects for digital transformation, one of the necessities of the time. Restructured according to current needs, customer experience leaves its place to the remote customer experience journey, browser-based video call systems provide advantages- especially in customer experience, employee experience and security.

1. Advantages for Customer Experience:
Based on the needs and expectations of customers, video call technologies create an ideal customer journey map in the retail industry. This journey map system is customer-oriented, and therefore, the interaction becomes healthy and strong; thus this will have a positive effect on customer experience. Online meeting tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Hangouts, cannot meet the needs of customers in the retail industry due to their technological limitations. These technologies are mostly used for B2B (Business to Business) communication; however, they are insufficient for B2C (Business to Consumer) communication. The starting point of existing technologies is inter-company coordination, i.e. collaboration between teams and therefore, is insufficient for communication with the customers.

In brief, the advantages of the new generation video call technologies to the customer are as follows:

  • Customers can start a conversation without downloading any app or using a complicated interface.
  • Customers can make video calls on any device, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, android phones, and etc. Video calls are carried out in a fast, uninterrupted, and a secure way.
  • Since the video chat API can be integrated into the company’s CRM and back-office systems, company-specific needs are met.
  • Since the video chat API can be easily integrated with the website, chatbot, or mobile applications, customers can benefit from the video chat technique.

2. Advantages for Employee Experience:
Store sales person, whom the customer is in direct contact with, is one of the most important source to strengthen the customer experience. It is important that the sales person and the customer feels comfortable and competent during a video call for a healthy and positive communication. In this context, video chat API should offer two-way screen sharing for an ideal conversation experience and they should also be able to meet the requirements, such as image transferring and document sharing. The second important point is that the video chat  API should have the categorization feature for smart call forwarding. The available and relevant company employee gets in touch with the customer for the video call request. Thus, the customer can communicate with the right person at the right time. This allows the sales person to use his or her time effectively.

3. Advantages Provided for Security:
New generation video call technologies provide high-level security standards to the company and the users. Customers feel safe as they maintain their communication through the corporate site and know that they are in the corporate area. On the other hand, calls are made compatible with GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) thanks to the WebRTC technology and end-to-end encryption measures used by the video chat API. All kinds of data transfers are secured by the SSL Certificate. Confidentiality and security of personal information are protected. The sharing or use of personal data by a third-party, either person or a company, is prevented for commercial reasons or not.

In summary, it is very important for companies to restructure the online customer experience to achieve successful results from the digital transformation, which is almost mandatory in the retail industry. Video call technology bring the company reputation for online customer experience. For powerful solutions that will add value to your company with the above mentioned advantages, take advantage of video chat API developed and offered by Arvia. Thanks to Arvia, your fast and highly efficient investment will gain momentum in the commercial life by creating a difference in terms of customer experience.


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