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5 Tips for How to Manage Remote Sales During COVID-19

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5 Tips for How to Manage Remote Sales During COVID-19

The pandemic compelled sectors to integrate into a new system which is remote sales. Many firms and companies are fighting to get back in the game to survive. But not all of the companies succeed in remote sales. Learn how to be successful in remote sales with five tips.

The coronavirus disease continues to change our lives with its increasing case. As things stand, the COVID-19 will be going to be around longer than governments and health care providers expected. The pandemic compelled sectors to integrate into a new system which is remote sales. 

The coronavirus disease is still challenging us, although it has existed for seven months and as a pandemic for four months. Sectors and economies are trying to gain their power because the pandemic doesn’t leave them another chance. 

Sectors are Affected by COVID-19

The damage that coronavirus caused can be seen in the sales and marketing sector easily. Many firms and companies are fighting to get back in the game to survive. Sales and marketing sector is playing a significant role in deciding on companies’ economic profile. To reduce the negative effect of the pandemic, firms are trying to adapt the COVID-19 daily life. Remote sales steps in on this part.

What is Remote Selling?

Remote sales are a selling that provides communication between the salesperson and the client in the whole sales process without facing them with each other. It is an online procedure with its all steps. Salesperson and client start to meet in an online platform and continue to their deal over this platform. There is no need for firms to face with prospects when using remote sales. It can be beneficial for companies in the pandemic time. But not all of the companies succeed in remote sales. Learn how to be successful in remote sales with five tips.

1. Choose the best remote sales tool for your need.

There are many options for remote sales tools in the industry right now. It can be hard to decide on what to use for your firm. But it is one of the most important questions for your business. Most of the companies benefit from video sales’ advantages. It helps you to create the right communication area with visual contents such as presentations, graphs, and tables. Choosing the best video sales can be a tricky decision. To make it an easy choice, here is a helpful guide on our blog: How to Start Remote Sales?

2. Plan your meetings and organize your day.

Remote sales bring their advantages to themselves. Since meetings are holding on an online platform, it eases meeting conditions. There is no traffic and no delay, so a waste of time is minimum. It is seen that remote sales are easy to be productive. But if you don’t organize your day, you cannot be effective in your meeting as much as you expected. 

Start your day early in the morning like you go to your office. Schedule your meetings through the day in a day ahead, stick on your daily routines. Try to use the morning hours effectively, because people have a fresh mind in the early hours of the day. 

Long working hours without any breaks can be tiring. Try to give breaks after a couple of short meetings or a long one. Your brain needs to take a rest and slow down for further works. 

3. Use visual tools.

Communication between a salesperson and a client consists of 7% spoken words, %38 tone of voice, and 55% body language, according to the book “Silent Messages” by Dr Albert Mehrabian (1971)


As is seen, body language is a big part of communication. When meeting over remote sales, trying to use body language effectively can be a compeller. Video quality, sound, and video delays can be troublesome. In order to increase the efficiency of the meeting, you can use visual tools to highlight your main points. Presentations can be beneficial to introduce your product or service. You can use tables and graphics to strengthen your speaking. Visual tools will engage prospects’ attention to the presentation.

4.Approach to prospects in the right way.

As you and your company are having difficult times during the pandemic, so prospects are. They face similar economic issues so that they can have a budget problem. The way how you approach prospects may determine the agreement between your company and prospect. You can show that you empathize with their situation. If they are pleased with the way you treat, they are more willing to deal with you. Home-officing can be very exhausting and tedious after a while. But salespeople should keep their positivity at the highest level. Prospects count this kind of positive attitude as a bonus point. Positivity will bring new clients besides guarantee the current ones.

5. Keep in touch with other associates.

End of the day, new orders, new deals, and agreements may have been discussed. Information interchange plays an important role in this part. After all of the meetings finished, there can be an arranged video meeting between company employees. Co-workers share their meeting notes with others and discuss potential problems. They can come up with solutions to issues quickly with brainstorming and discussion. In this way, salespeople can update themselves about the company’s situation and process. It is always better with several minds instead of a single mind. 

Remote sales fit the people’s current life with COVID-19 very well. It reduces the face-to-face time into zero; as a result, the risk of being infected by the coronavirus decreases. Since it speeds up the sales process, salespeople in the firm have more time to get in contact with other clients. Remote sales increase the efficiency of the firms with their benefits on time and enable firms to keep their business going in the current situation. İt is a process to orient to remote sales. Many companies have difficulty getting used to it. But with these tips, it is never a problem again. 

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