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How Does Live Video Shopping Improve the Customer Experience in eCommerce

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Live video shopping is one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s interactive. So live video shopping is an obvious boon for eCommerce companies with big-picture and digital marketing strategies. But it also benefits smaller retail stores that can’t afford digital signage or TV ads.

Live videos on an eCommerce site can boost sales and improve product understanding.

According to Hubspot research:

  • 94% of video marketers believe video helps customers comprehend their brand’s products.
  • 78% of eCommerce owners believe that Live video shopping directly increases sales.

What is a customer experience, and what is its significance?

Building a delightful user experience is critical to ensuring success for any eCommerce website. A customer’s first experience with your website can make or break a relationship with your online business.

Many businesses fail to generate a solid first impression, which can result in

  • high bounce rates and
  • considerable losses among potential customers.

When you are an eCommerce business owner, you must ensure that you know how to deal with the increasing traffic and competitors.

Some key stats that show how Live video shopping has influenced eCommerce globally (2022):

Key stats about ecommerce and live video shopping

In an article published in Fit Small Business, you can see that:

    • 78% of businesses use live commerce to interact more closely with their customers.
    • Livestream selling offers a 70% conversion rate for expensive products.
    • Streaming retail purchases climbed by 76% during the pandemic.
  • 66% of global consumers wish retailers were more technologically creative.

Customers are more likely to shop for a product after watching a video about it. Product videos, when done correctly, can educate and motivate customers to buy.

Live Video Shopping / Video Chats Help Improve Customer Experience:

What is better than a shoppable video chat widget? A proactive eCommerce live chat feature can turn these visits into customers. Because it serves as the initial point of contact for customers and potential clients.

Video chats will assist you in providing an immediate and personalized response to clients prompting them to return to your website for all their needs every time. That also helps you improve your customer service skills.

Now that you know that Live Video shopping can make an excellent customer interaction.

What’s more, I will tell you how video chats help improve the customer experience. So continue reading to learn how to build the best possible customer experience for your e-commerce website.

The use of live chat for eCommerce aids in:

1. Live Video Shopping offers Quick Assistance:

The biggest challenge is that most retailers fail to respond quickly to client inquiries. So you need a platform that allows you to reach out to customers before they reach out to you.

According to Microsoft,

“30% of consumers said that not being successful in reaching a real person when they wanted to was the most annoying component of a poor customer support experience.”

Another HubSpot study states,

“33% of consumers are most upset by waiting on hold and repeating themselves to many support personnel.”

What’s your solution in this situation? Businesses can use video chat for customer support to discover problems and provide rapid solutions.


Agents can identify the actual cause of a problem and deliver an effective solution in the first place, reducing the number of touchpoints.

A live video chat platform is suitable for technical difficulties that require visual interpretation and are challenging to communicate through reactive channels (phone, email, or text).

As a result, buyers can connect to sales associates who

  • understand their challenges
  • provide answers quickly
  • offer alternative products
  • give information that makes them confident about their purchase

Finally, while consumers have high expectations of sellers, professionalism is always vital. Shoppable video chat will hit your sales positively and help grow your business.

2. Video Chats provide a personalized customer experience:

An excellent customer experience starts with the human touch. 

Did you know that 82% of US and 74% of non-US consumers want more human interaction? That’s a lot, I know. And they expect customized care every time. This is especially true if they are regular clients.

The perfect customer experience achieves through human interaction in shopping.

Implementing video chat online provides the same level of personalized service as in brick-and-mortar stores. For example, one-way businesses utilize video calling by providing a personalized purchasing experience to their online customers.

In a product-based organization, customer onboarding includes the following:

  • Giving your new customers a helping hand.
  • Putting your product’s values on display.
  • Recognizing and proactively fulfilling the customer’s request.

As a result, customers receive the same high degree of care and support when interacting in a store.

3. Live video shopping increases customer loyalty:

Are you ready for some more statistics? A satisfied customer is:

  • 5 times more likely to repurchase
  • 5 times more willing to forgive.
  • 7 times more inclined to test a new product.

Video calling is an excellent approach to exceeding client expectations on your website by providing them with an unforgettable digital experience. In addition, having meaningful and engaging interactions with your customers will help to foster brand trust.

And, as a result, increase customer loyalty to your brand.

4. Simplifies customer’s life through online shopping:

Although many buyers prefer to window shop or research things online, many customers continue to buy the goods in physical stores. That is because customers can acquire a real sense of what they are purchasing.

A video call can help speed up the procedure because agents may physically show customers the products while interacting with the website.

In many cases, this can remove clients’ worries, allowing for a more direct purchasing path.

5. Lowers cart abandonment rates via video chats:

An abandoned cart is a significant issue for many eCommerce businesses. So how do you motivate your customers to complete their online purchases? In this case, I recommend using Arvia One-to-One Video Shopping. With Arvia, you can instantly connect to your online shoppers with video calls. Arvia allows you to have a fast, practical, and uninterrupted one-to-one video call with your customers in your eCommerce.

Video calling allows agents to navigate the website with the customer’s help to identify potential dealbreakers preventing them from completing the purchase.

A friendly face who answers inquiries along the route makes customers feel more confident in their buying decisions.

And where does it lead you…? More repeat customers!

6. Live video shopping contributes to a more holistic brand experience:

The world around us is becoming more digitalized as we speak. As a result, technology is reshaping the way we work, communicate, and, you guessed it, even the way we shop.

As customers choose to buy online more frequently, it could end up being weeks or even months between visits to physical stores. Video calling helps to bring back the human element of your physical stores to your online environment. That means the human connection between your brand and customers is available to everybody. Regardless of geographical location, even overseas customers might need to engage with your brand.


As an eCommerce business owner, you’ve got to keep up with your competitors. And be ready to deliver something new to your audience with every update. Bringing video chat to eCommerce can be a killer combination for any online business.

There you have it now, how live video shopping can improve the customer experience, especially if you have an eCommerce website.

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