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5 Reasons to Use Video Customer Service in the Retail Industry

5 Reasons to Use Video Customer Service in the Retail Industry

Customer satisfaction is the key to success in all industries, especially in the retail industry. Changing life conditions and habits after the coronavirus forced the industries to keep up with this change. While virtual shopping rates continued to rise, there were 3 years when physical shopping rates were on the decline. In line with the new world order, all businesses resorted to different methods and new tools to increase customer satisfaction. Video customer service in the retail industry is one of these new tools. In the rest of the article, we will briefly explain why you should use video customer service in the retail industry. Before going into details, how about watching this short video about the advantages of video customer service on Arvia youtube channel?

Learn the advantages of Video customer service in the Retail Industry in just 1 minute;

5 Benefits of Video Conferencing for Customer Service | Why Should You Use Video Conferencing?

Benefits of Using Video Customer Service in the Retail Industry


Video customer service is one of the fastest rising tools in recent years. After the pandemic, most of the businesses have successfully implemented the method of working from home. This process seems to be permanent after the pandemic conditions. Statistics show that interest in video calls has increased significantly. According to the Lifesize 2019 Video Conferencing Effects report;

  • 27% of small businesses will purchase video calling tools in the coming years
  • 86% of companies make employee calls over video calls.
  • 73% of education professionals say video conferencing will be heavily used in the education industry
  • 87% of team members say video calling helps speed up their decision making.

Source: The State of Video Conferencing in 2022


In the light of all these statistics and information, let’s examine together the benefits of video customer services in the retail industry.

Leverage the Increasing Popularity of Video

Although not as widely used as online services, the demand for customer service with video is increasing in the retail industry as well. As of 2018, 1 in 3 people use video chat at least once a week. If we look at the numbers between 2015 and 2018, the use of live video calls increased by 171%. All these data show that the popularity of video will increase without slowing down in the coming years. As the use of video becomes widespread in this way, both individuals and organizations will easily adopt this innovation. If you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors, now is the time to use video customer service in the retail industry.


Save Time Solving Customers’ Problems 

You can solve the needs of customers by phone, mail, messaging applications, but unlike video calls, these methods create a waste of time. For example, imagine you are a tech store. Your customer is having a problem with the tablet they bought from you. The support you will provide by correspondence or speech will take at least several times longer than the video support service. With the video call that you will start quickly, you can easily guide the user and solve all their problems at once.


Connect with Your Customers 

When consumers know that they are not a bot but a living person, their satisfaction with the service they receive increases. The main reason for this is the important role of facial expressions and body language in communication. Thanks to the video call, you can more easily empathize with your customer and understand his situation from his gestures and facial expressions. In this context, video customer service will be the ideal solution to provide you and your customer with a great experience.

Be a Pioneer in Your Industry 

Although video customer service is an area that continues to rise without slowing down, it has only started to be used in the retail sector in the last 2-3 years, unlike other sectors. Video customer service will be an ideal step to stay one step ahead of your competitors and to be a pioneer in the sector. The visual support of your sales staff will increase both customer satisfaction and sales volume. Research shows that people end up shopping with a higher volume basket amount on the recommendation of their salesperson during a live video call. Thanks to Arvia video call service, you can increase the amount of your shopping cart up to 3 times.


Contribute to Customer Education by Building a Knowledge Base 

You can take screen recordings, record video sessions while answering your customers’ questions, and then collect this information in the knowledge base. In this way, you create a resource for frequently asked questions and problems encountered. At the same time, these video recordings will contribute to the training of your salespeople. In order to measure the quality of service, you can watch the videos again with your team, identify the errors, and plan the improvement works.

Video Customer Service in Retail Industry with Arvia

Arvia is a smart video calling platform that allows users to visually talk to brands about products, services and more. With Arvia’s all-in-one video platform, you can delight your customers at every stage of their purchasing decision. Arvia video customer service solutions will enable you to meet all your needs without wasting time with its easy-to-use. The Arvia platform allows you to add video calling, screen sharing, screen drawing or call support. You can start a video call right away and easily contact the Arvia team to learn the best solutions for your business.

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