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10 Benefits of Video Chat for eCommerce

A woman sales associate is presenting clothes via video chat for eCommerce.

Imagine a world without online chat help. We’ve all been at one time or another when we have to picture a different world.

You might be attempting to contact your health professional or a government entity. For example, maybe you needed additional information about your surprisingly high credit card or phone bill, or you wanted to return a recent internet purchase.

So you navigate on their site, puzzled and annoyed, looking for an email or helpline number unhelpfully located in some hidden area of their website.

Then what?

You are greeted by an automated message, guided through a lengthy menu, or placed on hold.

Doesn’t this only add to your frustration?

There’s no debate that phone and email services are, as they should be, outdated.

In a world where customer service is critical to stand out from competitors, your customer support team must rely on something other than these traditional approaches.

You’re in major danger if online customers can’t receive support with a single click or by entering a few words.

What is the answer to this problem?

To ensure your success in the eCommerce world, you must develop a customer-focused strategy that enables you to understand and respond to your consumers’ demands.

You can provide online consumers with a physical shopping experience when visiting your website using shoppable video chat.

What happens without a video chat feature?

E-commerce websites do not have sales associates, and their online shopping process is highly self-service. Customers have only two choices to make a purchase. They watch a video or read reviews to make a decision which is time-consuming and might result in an abandoned cart. 

What happens with a video chat feature?

You can provide customers with a fantastic shopping experience with video chat on your eCommerce website. When your agents meet customers, they will smile and learn about their needs and desires. Also, more importantly, they will make appropriate shopping recommendations, answer questions, and even deal with complaints and other issues. 

Having said that, in this article, I’ll explain 10 benefits of video chat for your eCommerce site.

1. Boost Your Sales and Revenue with Video Chat for eCommerce

While impulsive purchases are on the rise, various products encourage buyers to do their homework and make wise judgments. Essentially, whether you are selling cosmetics, healthcare & wellness products, dietary supplements, or baby products, consumers always have questions. As a result, they are hesitant to purchase the product because they have concerns about its safety, components, and testing.

Providing concise and readily available information on these areas can ultimately help customers decide. This directly influences bottom-line profitability, considering the upselling and cross-selling opportunities it generates.

Live chat has an evident influence on your revenue. A strong live chat experience is critical not only for average order value and conversion rates but also for customer loyalty, which is precious and necessary for the success of an eCommerce site.

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2. Create Customer Loyalty with Video Chat for eCommerce

A strong customer experience is undoubtedly the most significant part of generating brand loyalty. With a clearer vision of your brand and improved brand equity, customers will remain loyal to your brand.

In a study, Kayako found that 52% of customers are more likely to stay loyal to a firm that provides live chat help.

52% of consumers are more likely to remain loyal to a company that offers live chat support.

To build customer loyalty, show them value, focus on their requirements, and develop a relationship with them. In turn, you will be able to maintain your brand’s identity.

3. Turn Conversion into Purchase with Shoppable Video Chat

Just a tiny fraction of visitors to an online store make purchases the first time they visit. 

The high engagement power of live shoppable video chat can influence the purchasing decisions of first-time visitors.

The data from Intelligent bee represents that; 

  • Conversion rates improve by 3.84% when live chat is implemented. By 2023, the global market for live chat will be valued at $987.3 million.
  • In the United States, around 69% of buyers want live chat features.

Behind a screen, it can be difficult for customers to feel connected to an online brand. However, with a shoppable video chat, you can make real-time recommendations for products that meet their needs. In addition, your customers will have a good customer experience while saving time and effort.  

As a result, you can significantly enhance the conversion to purchase by acting at the correct time and helping the customer on their shopping journey.

4. Generate Upselling and Cross-selling

You have gained customers’ trust if they ask you for a suggestion via live video shopping. 

At this step, you can recommend a more valuable product than the one they seek (up-selling). You may also suggest accessories or related goods that satisfy their needs (cross-selling). For example, a laptop customer may also purchase a traveling case.

5. Improve Your eCommerce Website

You can pinpoint where your online customers need the most human assistance with video chat for eCommerce. For example, consider the following scenario: if customers require assistance entering a discount coupon or selecting their payment gateway, you should focus on improving user experience.

In addition, you’ll be able to find the most frequently asked questions. Then, examine their reasons and incorporate them in an FAQ page to lessen the pressure on the sales associates.

I advise you to use a data-driven strategy. Don’t rely on “instinct.” Instead, conduct customer polls and surveys after each video chat session to gauge effectiveness. 

Analyze data, such as:

  • Chat response time
  • Rates of resolution
  • Average session time
  • Agent performance
  • Customer satisfaction rate
  • Conversion rates of sessions
  • Average order size of sessions
  • Customer acquisition cost for video chat shoppers

6. Assist Your Customers with Shoppable Video Chat

A delayed choice is almost always a lost opportunity. Purchase choices are made in a couple of seconds.

A sales representative should assist a consumer who feels confused or hesitant to purchase. And why wouldn’t you?

Given that 57% of buyers leave their purchase when they are still looking for an answer to their queries.

57% of buyers leave their purchase when they are still looking for an answer to their queries

Shoppable video chat allows customers to contact someone immediately and receive answers to simple and complex problems.

You can provide immediate contact and outstanding service by integrating the Arvia shoppable video chat widget.

7. Use Data to Personalize the Experience

Connecting with your CRM is one of eCommerce’s most underrated benefits of video chat. You might rely on your team members to navigate between different windows to fully understand the customers and collect information concerning their shopping history. 

Nonetheless, it will undoubtedly raise their average throughput rate and add to their workload. You can give your live chat representatives access to your support history and customers’ purchases.

It saves time for agents. Your consumers will also appreciate not having to repeat information they’ve just entered on your website or given to another agent.

8. Increase Customer Engagement

Video chat is the most efficient mode of communication. It is eagerly accessible and motivates you to continue to reach out to support agents while browsing your items and deciding on a purchase. This makes their purchasing experience more participatory, and they can instantly find answers to queries.

During the conversation, your sales associates can also provide comments and recommendations, making the customers purchasing decisions easier through video chat.

Suppose a consumer adds an item to their basket but takes their time checking out. In that case, you can send an automated message asking, “How can I support you today?” or “Do you currently have any product-related questions?”

Ease of access also boosts customer interest and enhances their entire experience.

9. Get Live Commerce Insights

Shoppable video chat is a live commerce solution that meets the convenience needs of online shoppers. Sales associates can help customers to find and buy the products they need without leaving the conversation.

Another overlooked advantage of video chat for eCommerce is that you can measure the performance of your agents. You can see conversion rates and total basket amounts per agent.

Arvia video chat increases conversion rates by up to 10 times and average order size by up to 2.7 times. This shows that shoppers who place large orders need human support.

Video chat will assist you in improving your support team abilities and improving your customer journey, as well as help you in creating a robust knowledge base containing relevant data.

This is a crucial sort of indirect feedback to consider.

10. Maintain Contact with Visitors

Sadly, a first-time visitor does not always convert into a customer. 

So, what follows when a site visitor leaves? Do you relax and hope they return at some point in the future, or would you take action?

You can obtain information about people who use video chat and convert them into leads.

Before starting a video chat session, request the customer’s contact information. This not only serves to locate a current customer but also allows you to deliver a more tailored service by asking for their name.

You now identify who the chat user is if they are not a customer. Leverage this power by asking them whether they want to hear notifications and promotional items as part of your email campaign. They may still not buy from you today, but keeping their contact information allows you to persuade them over time that your product is a good fit for them.


Good customer service is a crucial factor that may help you stand out from the competition. With live video chat, customers will let you know if they are happy with the services.

A stronger brand impression and positive reviews can help you get much more sales and customers. In addition, the integration of Arvia’s shoppable video chat widget lets you communicate with your customer and offer them better service. A shoppable video chat feature combined with a customer self-service site is undeniably beneficial and a win-win situation for your customers and sales associates. 


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