What is Direct Marketing? Direct Marketing Examples

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As the name suggests, direct marketing means the brand reaches the customer through marketing methods without intermediaries. This way, as it removes all the barriers to getting the customer now, it enables achieving results in a shorter time. Different advertising tools can be used for direct marketing. We can show the most used methods, such as catalogs, email marketing, flyers, mobile marketing, and face-to-face marketing. We will discuss these methods in detail later in the article.

The main reason direct marketing is one of the most preferred types of marketing is to learn the wishes and expectations of the customer directly from him. In this context, customer response can be measured instantly, and a strategy can be determined for the next steps. In addition, establishing one-to-one bonds with customers positively affects sales rates and helps build customer loyalty.

If mailing catalogs, brochures, radio, and television advertisements were used predominantly in the past, now all these methods have been adapted to digital with the development of technology. Brands can easily send emails, advertise online, and use mobile and video marketing. As a result, reaching customers in the digital world is much easier and more cost-effective than the old methods.

Advantages of Direct Marketing

We will answer the question of the advantages of direct marketing in a few titles. But, in general, the most significant benefit is to reach your target audience directly and measure the results.

Affordable Costs

Compared to traditional marketing methods, digital direct marketing is less costly. Suppose you have determined your target audience well and created your strategy and goals. In that case, you can do direct marketing even with a meager budget and reach your goals.

Personalized Messages

Everyone wants to feel special. In direct marketing, you can offer special offers to your customers with personalized messages. You can present these offers using email, mobile marketing, video marketing, etc., and provide personalized promotions, discounts, and products. Personalized marketing will strengthen the bond between the customer and your brand and allow you to increase the rate of loyal customers.

Remarketing to Current/Former Customers

Thanks to digital tools, it is now straightforward to reach your old customers again. With different communication channels, you can reach customers who have already shopped and purchased services from you and market them directly. You can use various data collection systems for this.

Multi-Channel Marketplace

You can use different market areas when doing direct marketing. Through multi-channel marketing, you can reach your current or potential customers through various channels and test other markets with a trial-and-error method.

Easy Measurement and Analysis

Direct digital marketing offers you the opportunity to measure your marketing efforts quickly. Thanks to different tools, you can measure the marketing campaigns you have created in a short time and efficiently. Furthermore, you can update your strategy for future campaigns by analyzing your data.

Direct Marketing Examples

Different communication channels and methods are used for direct marketing. You can use these channels in parallel and rearrange your method and channel selections according to your results. Let’s briefly review the natural marketing methods you can include in your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a marketing method that allows you to reach your current and potential customers with a specific mail service example. You can introduce your new products to your customers by email, get them to subscribe to your e-newsletter, and offer promotions and discounts. You can see the rates of opening, reading, and marking your emails as spam through different email marketing systems and rearrange your strategy. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods.

Instant Web Notifications

You can send instant notifications to your customers visiting your website through your website. These notifications are used extensively, especially on e-commerce sites, and can significantly increase sales rates. In addition, you can instantly update these notifications by creating them from the website infrastructure and have them appear immediately on specific dates and times.

Mobile Marketing

You can use mobile marketing to share information with your customers and announce your promotions. You can send short messages to their phone numbers and share their announcements, thanks to the permission given by your customers when they become a member of your site.

Face-to-Face Marketing

Face-to-face marketing, considered traditional, is one of the most frequently used direct marketing methods. Your sales representatives can meet and sell one-on-one with customers to sell products and services. It is generally used for large sales rather than daily consumption products.

Social Media Marketing

The most widely used direct-marketing method today is social media marketing. Social media marketing is preferred because it is cost-effective and facilitates access to large target audiences. At the same time, you can reach your audience directly, as it also allows target audience classification.


It is one of the oldest direct marketing methods many businesses have used for years. Call centers enable you to reach your potential customers and remarket to your existing customers thanks to telemarketing.

Direct Marketing with Video Call

Direct marketing allows you to connect with your customers through video calling, which has become widespread in recent years, especially after the pandemic. You can meet face-to-face with potential customers visiting your website thanks to the video call button you will add. Personalized messages always deliver better results. With the video call, you can understand the customer’s needs in a short time, show the product, answer all their questions and make instant sales.

Direct Marketing with Arva Video Call Systems

Arvia Video Call platform allows you to do direct marketing thanks to its easy-to-use and all-in-one feature. Thanks to the Arvia video call button you will add to your website, you can accompany your customers on their purchasing journey and use additional features such as screen sharing, chat feature, and call support when necessary. Furthermore, you can start a video call with us with one click for detailed information.

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