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What is Digital Customer Service? Why Do You Need It?

What is Digital Customer Service?

With the spread of e-commerce, our habits, such as waiting in line in physical stores, have changed. The obligation to go to the physical store to purchase products and services has been eliminated. We don’t even have to leave the house to buy products for our needs.

But e-commerce also has certain limitations and problems of its own. Some of these are trust issues, not being able to see or touch the product live, and lack of one-on-one interaction with the sales consultant. As the e-commerce industry grows, these problems continue to increase. However, we can say that industry actors are assertive in finding solutions to the issues. The move to virtual customer service offers brands viable solutions for these problems. Companies need to invest in online customer service technologies to sustain growth and maintain their market position. In this way, the best customer experience will be provided by ensuring customer satisfaction.

So what is Digital customer service? We recommend that you read the rest of the article to find out the answer.

What is Digital Customer Service?

The place of e-commerce in our lives is undeniably great. However, it should not be forgotten that it brings with it new problems. This is where digital customer service comes into play. The only problem of consumers shopping from an e-commerce site is not choosing the right product. At the same time, they want to know that they are shopping from a reliable store and that there is a support person they can reach when they need post-purchase support. Apart from this, security problems may also arise during the payment phase. To eliminate all these problems, digital customer service is the ideal solution.


Digital customer service covers all technologies used to provide instant online support to customers who need help while shopping in an online store (sales of products or services). This service can be one or more services such as chatbot, phone call, or video call. We can say that video call systems have been the most used digital customer service technology in recent years. For detailed information about video calling, you can review this article:  Do you want your customers to connect with you via video call? 

With video call customer service, you can provide instant support to customers when they need pre-sales advice and help during and after the purchasing process. The most significant difference from other digital customer service methods is to have the opportunity to see and experience the product or service instantly, as a video call with a support specialist is provided. When connecting with a digital customer service representative via video call, the waiting time is minimized. In this way, your customer satisfaction rate will increase noticeably. So, what can we show as an example of digital customer service? Here are some examples of digital customer service;

  • Online speech applications integrated into the site
  • Searching for answers to questions from the knowledge base
  • Clicking on offers made by chatbots
  • Search support
  • Troubleshoot problems with video calling

Now that we have a general knowledge of digital customer service, we can look at what we should pay attention to when transitioning to digital customer service.

What Should You Consider When Transitioning to Digital Customer Service?

We can say that customer satisfaction is everything. Businesses must invest in innovative technologies to deliver a positive customer service experience. However, it would be best to be careful of some issues while using these technologies. First of all, you need to ensure that your site’s technologies are integrated. Disjointed services can create an unprofessional business perception in customers. Let’s take a quick look at other issues that you should pay attention to.

Understand the Importance of Customer Experience 

You need to pay attention to the first thing as a business understands the customer experience. You need to know what actions customers take on your site and how this data will be used in the future. Any neglected experience will cause you problems in the long run. For this reason, understanding the importance of customer experience for the success of the business is the first thing you should pay attention to.

Analyze Customer Journey Correctly 

Understanding customers’ digital journeys correctly are the key to success. For example, at what stages do customers coming to your site have difficulties? At what steps does it need support? At what stages does he give up and leave your site? Observing these metrics and analyzing them correctly will allow you to solve these problems with online customer service.

Offer Easy Feedback System 

If you have correctly identified your target audience and started collecting feedback, the essential detail you should pay attention to is to provide an easy feedback method. You need to establish a feedback system that will not bother your customers, will guide them correctly, and will not take much of their time.

Deliver Need-Based Digital Customer Service Technology 

Depending on the operation of your business, your customers’ support needs may vary. For example, if you offer to plumb, video calling would be the best digital customer service option. As another example, submitting both an online chat application and a video call together would be the ideal solution if you are in the retail industry. Therefore, you need to choose the most appropriate technology for you and your customers.

Digital Customer Service with Arvia Video Call Systems

Arvia video call systems is a multi-channel video call platform that you can easily integrate into your website and connect easily from anywhere. With Arvia, you can instantly start a video call with one click, share the screen, and use the online chat feature and calling features simultaneously. In addition, you can create a video call with us to get detailed information and experience.


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