The Ultimate Communication Experience: 4K Resolution Video Conferencing

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The Ultimate Communication Experience: 4K Resolution Video Conferencing

The demand for video conferencing and online meetings is increasing. 4K resolution video conferencing will provide the ultimate communication experience between your teams and clients. With cloud-hosted infrastructure, high-resolution video calls have never been this easy.

What Is 4K?

4K or ultra high resolution is a new term that we start to see around us. The term resolution is used for describing the number of pixels in a screen. The industry standard has been 1080p for a while. Currently, 4K is becoming the new industry standard for screens. A 4K resolution has 3840 x 2160 pixels which correspond to more than 8 million pixels.

While the human eye fails to distinguish the details from far away, the real difference of 4K is visible when you are closer to the screen. With 4K resolution, it is possible to see even the smallest details of the image

Why Do You Need 4K Video Conferencing?

4K video conferencing is the buzzword for online meetings. As more and more companies are shifting to online client meetings as well as online team meetings, 4K resolution started to play an important role. So, what can you get with 4K video conferencing?

Excellent Video Quality

When it comes to online meetings, engagement with a client or a team member might be challenging. This is often related to low video quality and poor internet connection. 4K video conferencing offers an excellent video quality for online meetings.

With this high-resolution solution, all online meetings will be just like an in-person meeting. The high-quality video streaming will make you feel you are in the same room. Thus, this will eliminate the challenges related to engagement and feeling connected with your clients or team members.

More Pixels for Almost Real-Life Like Communication Across Team

Video conferencing is not just about organising a meeting and talking across a webcam. It is all about high engagement and real communication between team members. More pixels in 4K resolution will enable team members to capture event the smallest non-verbal cues.

Better Support to Your Clients

Clients want to feel your presence. With 4k resolution technology, you will be right next to them even though you are thousands of miles away from your clients. High-resolution video conferencing will enable your business to offer better support to your clients.

What Type of Teams Use 4K Conferencing?

4K conferencing is ideal for almost every team. If your employees are scattered around the world, this meeting will bring everyone in the same virtual space. Also, if you have clients in different cities or countries, high-resolution conferencing can streamline your services.

Distributed teams and teams that require frequent engagement can benefit from 4K video resolution. Furthermore, high-quality customer support can be provided with the power of high-quality video calls.

What Equipment Do You Need for 4K Conferencing?

You will need to make an initial investment for your 4K conferencing. But the benefits of high-quality video meeting will create a significant ROI in a short time.

1. Arvia.Chat Conference Room supports 4K video conferencing to meet your business needs. You need to create an account and start using the online meeting room for high-quality meetings.

2. 4K Webcam

A 4K webcam is necessary for 4K video streaming. This will be a fantastic investment to make your online meetings more powerful.

3. 4K Display and HDMI 2.0+ Cable

If you don’t have a 4K computer screen but a 4K television display, you can easily connect your computer with an HDMI 2.0+ Cable for 4K resolution meetings.

4. High-Speed Internet Connection

If you want to have the ultimate communication experience, you will need a high-speed internet connection. Bandwidth and other technical properties will play a role in 4K conference meetings. You need the best internet connection your get for a seamless ultra HD conference meeting.

How to Set Up Your 4K Video Conferencing in 3 Simple Steps?

When you get all your necessary equipment and devices, you are now ready to set up your 4K video conferencing. To do that, you will only need three simple steps.

Step 1: Set up your devices

The first step to start your 4K video conferencing is to set up your computer and webcam. If you will use an external display, connect the display to your computer. Make sure you have a stable connection before joining the online conference.

Step 2: Create your 4K meeting room

After setting up your equipment and device, it is time to create your 4K conference room. You can easily create your 4K meeting room without any login or download process. Invite your team members or clients to your online conference room.

Step 3: Start your online conference

When everyone is ready, you can start your online conference. Enjoy the hassle-free and seamless conferencing experience with 4K video resolution. You can achieve higher engagement across your team members and clients with high-resolution video conference.

Did you check our video conferencing solution? Arvia provides your services to the video environment, allowing you to serve your customers closer and faster. It also strengthens your corporate structure with the right SDKs.

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Overall, the business impact of adding video to your service is huge and it often delivers a high and fast ROI. So don’t let your competitors be first.Let Arvia help you video enable your service to get these rewards.

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