Sales Tactics To Increase Revenue on Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday is a discount period that brands and consumers look forward to every year. This period, which takes place on the same date worldwide in the last week of November every year, is one of the most critical periods in which sales increase significantly. This year Black Friday will take place on November 25. However, brands are announcing their campaigns on Black Friday and much earlier, starting in November. Therefore, preparing for this period is vital to increase your sales. In this article, we will answer your questions, such as how sales promotion tactics should be on Black Friday and what you should pay attention to.


Why is Black Friday Important?

Consumers waiting for this time is almost the beginning of most shopping periods worldwide. Black Friday is an excellent time for campaigners who greatly influence their purchasing decisions. Every year, the rate of shopping continues to increase without slowing down. For example, the increase in purchasing rates on Black Friday in 2020 was 21.6% (source: digitalcommerce360.com). These figures are valid for almost all sectors. Therefore, Black Friday would be a great time to increase sales volume and turn your potential customers into brand advocates.


Being prepared for Black Friday is one of the essential details. However, more than just making a discount campaign is required. You need to create campaigns for the needs of consumers, prepare your marketing strategy in detail, control your stocks, and provide a high level of customer service to your audience. 


So, what are the tactics to increase sales on Black Friday? What should you pay attention to? The answer to your questions is in the rest of our article.


Methods to Increase Sales on Black Friday

Before moving on to sales promotion tactics on Black Friday, we would like to remind you that you should not only prepare marketing tactics in this period but also look at it as an integrated service process. Therefore, more than a very detailed and successful marketing strategy needs to be done. For example, if your customers are still looking for the support they need at the purchase, they will not end it. At the same time, not checking the stocks of the products and not working correctly in the logistics infrastructure and cargo processes will also make you lose customers. For this reason, it is necessary to look at the process from an integrated perspective, not just a marketing perspective. Therefore, here are some ways to increase sales on Black Friday for you.


Use Social Media Actively

Now, almost everyone uses social media platforms. Make sure to regularly announce the campaigns and current discounts you have created on your social media accounts. Get in touch with your customers, and get their suggestions from different social media channels, with social media surveys and live broadcasts, before creating a campaign. Find out which products they expect discounts on and what kind of campaigns they prefer. Make them follow you with different competitions, visit your website frequently, and give gifts. We can say that the use of social media is one of the musts for Black Friday.


Don’t Take Email Marketing Lightly

Email marketing is one of the marketing methods that still maintains its power among traditional marketing methods and provides high returns. Before Black Friday, create and test different email marketing strategies and current campaigns that appeal to diverse audiences. In this way, by predicting which products and drives are more interesting, you can focus on these products in your other marketing efforts and use your budget more efficiently.


Emphasize Limited Time and Product

Although some brands extend their Black Friday discounts, we can say that the limited-time emphasis is the most successful among sales promotion tactics on Black Friday. Countdown tools you will add to your website will prompt your customers to purchase tactics such as specifying stock restrictions on products and highlighting the final product. By determining the campaign’s end date in advance, emphasize that the discount will end in a couple of days. In addition, reinforce the perception of limited stocks by highlighting out-of-stock products on product pages.


Offer Enhanced Customer Service

Customer service is the most crucial pillar of this period. Limited time and limited stocks will increase the need for customers to get support quickly. Make sure the live chat application on your website is running. Ensure that the customer service you provide via email and call center is fast and efficient. Remember that offering your customers a personalized customer experience can provide high satisfaction. For example, wouldn’t it be great to have a live chat button on your website? Website visitors can connect to the customer support team with live instant video calls. A face-to-face and personalized experience will help increase sales conversions.

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