How to Increase E-commerce Sales? Sales Increasing Methods in E-commerce

Increase E-commerce Sales

Thanks to the momentum gained by e-commerce in recent years, the competition in the market has increased considerably. Such a high degree of competition, valid in almost every sector, pushes sellers to develop new strategies and tactics for sales promotion methods. So what are the ways of increasing E-commerce sales in e-commerce? This article has compiled a few niches of growing sales in e-commerce for you.


Social Media Usage

When social media is used so much, it would not be right not to use it to increase sales in e-commerce. Actively sharing on different social media platforms and expanding your target audience will primarily benefit you in terms of awareness. After you create your target audience, you can start selling through social media channels. Although the use of Instagram is more intense, Facebook is still actively used all over the world. You can decide which medium you will advertise according to your target audience and product range. You can direct users to your website directly with the stores you create on Facebook and Instagram. We recommend that you pay attention to social media networks such as Twitter and Linkedin. Especially if your industry is a BtoB or BtoB/BtoC mix, advertising and target audience growth in these channels will be beneficial.


Use of Marketplaces

We can say that using marketplaces is the most accurate platform where you can sell outside of your site and attract potential customers to your site in the long run. To increase sales in e-commerce, you can decide which one to open a store with by researching sectoral and location-based marketplaces. For example, sell handcrafted and artistic works. Etsy and similar artist-oriented platforms will be one of the best. Of course, we strongly recommend creating a store in significant marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress. No matter how low your profit margin on these platforms is, the audience they reach is too large for you to get at the beginning. We say take advantage of these masses 🙂


Google Ads 

Google Ads ads will be a great solution to reach your potential customers directly. The important thing here is to determine the right keywords for your products and the advertising strategy correctly. You must also allocate a budget for these ads without ignoring your competitors. However, as a result, you will be rewarded for these advertising efforts, as potential customers will visit your site, which is wholly related to your products. You can track the results of your Google Ads ads with Google Analytics, another Google product, and improve the work by making the necessary optimizations regularly.


Considering SEO Compliance

One of the most important methods of increasing sales in e-commerce and one of the issues that should work carefully, in the long run is to pay attention to SEO compliance. From the installation stage of your website, you need to pay attention to writing all texts following SEO and the correct determination of keywords. Thanks to these settings, users will reach your site when searching for relevant keywords in search engines. Apart from this, writing blog posts specific to keywords related to your products and services will also be beneficial in attracting traffic to your website.


Discounts and Campaigns

The campaigns and discounts you will make from your website, and social media accounts are the most direct methods to increase sales in e-commerce. You can offer discount coupons periodically through pop-ups on your website. Campaigns that you segment specifically for your existing customers, potential customers, customers who do not add products to the basket and do not buy, and your customers who are members or not will affect your sales. You can draw from your social media accounts and make special campaign announcements for your target audience there. Regular discount campaigns will increase your audience and cause people to follow you regularly.


Email Marketing

Although email marketing is one of the oldest methods, it is still up-to-date. You can use this marketing technique both to announce your products and services and offer different campaigns to increase sales in e-commerce. Remembering yourself to your current and potential customers by sending weekly emails will be helpful. You can also reach people who forgot products in the basket, offer discount coupons, and direct them to purchase with email marketing. Many people buy products on their second or third visit, don’t forget this detail 🙂


Customer Happiness

The last but the most critical stage of sales promotion methods in e-commerce is customer satisfaction. Your customers’ experience while shopping on your website will be decisive for future purchases. For this reason, make sure that customer satisfaction is always high. For example, make sure that the support service on your website is fast, easy to reach, telephone support service, and support service via WhatsApp. Furthermore, with video calling, one of the most popular applications of recent times, customer service will significantly increase customer satisfaction of the users and increase your sales simultaneously.


Research on small/medium businesses published by Harvard Business Review shows that companies lose 71% of leads online because they don’t respond quickly enough. Reach your potential customers instantly with video calls with Arvia.


Increasing Sales in E-commerce with Arvia Video Call Platform

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