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Create a Great Cross-Channel Customer Experience

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In the digital world, countless methods and channels exist to reach your customers. However, getting customers with only one channel through your e-commerce site will increase your visibility and sales challenges. This is where the cross-channel customer experience comes into play. Cross-channel customer experience allows you to reach customers and provide expertise through marketing efforts through different channels. So, what is Cross-Channel marketing? What should you consider for successful cross-channel marketing? How to create a cross-channel customer experience? The answers to all the questions are at the bottom of the article.

What is Cross-Channel Marketing?

Cross-channel marketing uses different marketing channels to increase efficiency in addition to your existing marketing channel. Cross-channel marketing increases efficiency in e-commerce sites and allows you to learn what your customers want and their interests. There are several cross-channel marketing methods actively used by e-commerce brands:

  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • QR Codes
  • Digital Media Purchasing
  • Chat Apps
  • Video Call Applications

Although omnichannel marketing and cross-channel marketing are sometimes confused, we can say that the main difference between the two is the human factor. In multi-channel marketing, brands focus on the general audience and try to present the brand, products, and services to customers through multiple channels. Cross-channel marketing, on the other hand, is person-oriented. It aims to provide a personalized customer experience and simultaneously reach customers using different media.

“A study of 46,000 people showed that 73 percent of shoppers shopped through more than one channel.”


This data clearly shows the role of cross-channel marketing in improving customer experience and communication. You can use different channels to reach more people and shape their purchasing behavior. One of the most critical issues to be considered here is that establishing and following a cross-channel customer experience strategy requires a more detailed study than it seems. We recommend you to read the rest of the article to learn what you should pay attention to for cross-channel customer experience 🙂

Considerations for a Successful Cross-Channel Customer Experience

Cross-channel marketing is used to increase sales in the long run and improve the customer experience, connect with the customer and maintain communication. However, a cross-channel marketing strategy is not as simple as it seems. There are many factors to consider here. Many factors will affect your cross-channel marketing success, such as reaching customers at the right time, offering the right products and campaigns, and monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing these campaigns. Let’s briefly examine the details that need attention.

Know Your Customers

You need to know your customers well for your marketing efforts to be successful. By analyzing your customers through different channels, you can learn what they like, their shopping preferences, which channel they prefer, and their purchasing decision processes. You can offer email and social media surveys and use your website’s analytics data. For example, SmarterHQ’s research provides important data for brands.

“70% of millennials are disappointed with brands sending irrelevant emails, and 72% of consumers are only interested in personalized messaging.”

In the light of this data, you can understand how important it is to know your customer when doing cross-channel marketing.

Use the Right Channels

Choosing the right channel is crucial to creating a cross-channel customer experience. It would help if you decided to cross tracks suitable for your products and services so that you can easily reach your customers. For example, mobile marketing and social media marketing will be the right choice for products that appeal to the Z generation. On the other hand, you can reach millennials with email marketing and in-site offers. The detail to be considered here is to choose the channels your customer uses and the channels you can monitor/analyze.

Harness the Power of Digital Media Buying

Social media ads and digital media ads will always make your strategy deliver faster results. Before doing these studies, it is important to do the right audience analysis and to take care of using the channels your customers use. With the remarketing method known as remarketing, you can do advertising work by targeting people who have reached your site from another channel before.

Test Your Work

We recommend testing your channels with control groups before starting cross-channel marketing efforts. Since you will allocate a budget for these studies, it will be more efficient to try which channels are more successful and the shortcomings in your strategy beforehand.

Harness the Power of Face-to-Face Communication

We can say that the only handicap of shopping on e-commerce sites is the lack of honest human communication. Although we adapt to the digital world, we should not forget the importance of face-to-face communication. Apart from that, face-to-face communication is a powerful weapon to provide enhanced user experience and customer service to your customers. You can easily reach users searching for products or initiating purchasing behavior on your website via video calls, make instant offers and give personal recommendations. A study by Accenture reveals how important personalized communication is in cross-channel marketing:

“91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop from brands that offer recommendations that are relevant to them.”

Cross-Channel Customer Experience with Arvia Video Call Platform

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