5 Benefits of Video Conferencing for Customer Service

Benefits of Video Conferencing

5 Benefits of Video Conferencing for Customer Service

Customer service is considered the heart of the business in an intense and competitive business environment. In today’s conditions, video conferencing for customer service helps to provide quicker responses that increase customer pleasure and strengthen brand reputation. Here are the benefits that video conferencing provided to customer service.

Benefits of Using Video Conferencing for Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important fields for business. It can help you to ensure your business continuity. Meeting customers’ needs and expectations is a determinant characteristic of companies’ future.

According to Microsoft, “30% of consumers expressed that not being able to reach a real person when they needed to was the most frustrating part of a poor customer service experience.”

Businesses can use video conferencing technologies to make communication engaging, personalized, and have excellent customer experience. In today’s conditions, video conferencing for customer service helps to provide quicker responses that increase customer pleasure and strengthen brand reputation.


Customers usually complain about not reaching the customer service representative. Waiting on the line can be too long most of the time. Even if a customer can contact a customer service representative, the representative might not have the skill to answer the customer’s questions. Self-service systems provided by apps may not be efficient and insufficient to meet your needs. 

Brief History of Customer Service

With the invention of the telephone in 1876, customer services took a step forward. Customers could get information about their products and their repairs by using the telephone. 

With the help of development in the telecommunication sector, customers enabled contact companies directly about their complaints and needs. This system started to evolve the current customer service system slowly. 

Beginning of the second half of the 20th century, the number of calls increase to large numbers. Offices named call centres communicate with customers with the help of a significant number of operators. 

In the early 2000s companies started to use software which is specialized for customer support. Major companies provided contact centres with software and cloud-based solutions. 

After social media came into our lives, it took customer service to a whole another level. Although it seems like social media is just for entertainment, it is not. According to surveys, 93% of marketers use social media for business. Also, the number of customers who are using social media to get customer service is increasing.

In recent years, companies provide customer service through apps. Customers can reach the information they need. This way enables companies to meet their customers’ needs and expectations.

The pandemic accelerates the telecommunication process. Video conferencing is started to use for customer service to provide highly effective customer support in difficult situations. 


How video conferencing transforms customer service?

Video conferencing solutions enable customers to connect with customer service representatives directly. Video conferencing has lots of benefits for both customers and representatives. It has replaced old school customer support ways such as calling and emailing. 

Here are the benefits that video conferencing provided to customer service. 


1. Solve problems quicker.

Customers have to interact with several operators every time that they want to reach a customer service representative. They have to repeat themselves to each operator and representative. 

 It is beneficial to use video conferencing for customers and companies when considered the delay of the problem’s solution. 

Reducing the number of interactions, the representative can provide support with that customer need and solve the issue in the first place. 

Also, since technical problems are hard to express and understand, visual support provided by video conferencing technology is a great way for customer service.

2. Reduce customer service cost.

Customers have to wait for a long amount of times in line to contact with a representative. Long waiting in the line and not getting a satisfactory solution from the representative doesn’t end with the satisfaction of customers.

Video conferencing helps to decrease business costs by reducing the number of interactions and saving customer service costs. Video conferencing helps to decrease the number of support requests by providing service immediately. 

In this way, hiring new agents for customer service is not necessary anymore.

3. Increase customer satisfaction.

Providing visual support might be convenient when dealing with technical issues. There can be circumstances that emailing and calling is not enough to fix the problem.

According to 2000-customer-survey, 31% are using video conferencing for customer service, and 73% are satisfied. The satisfaction rate of video conferencing is more than emailing and calling, 61% and 44% respectively.

4. Ensure business continuity.

If customers can get the help that they need, they are more tend to repeat their purchases. Building trust with customers plays an essential role in ensuring your business continuity. 

Satisfied customers can help your company to gain new customers by sharing their effective and efficient video conferencing experience. 

Creating a friendly environment during the meeting helps you to build trust with customers. It also increases customer loyalty to your company. 

5. Benefit from video conferencing features.

Video conferencing platform provides numerous kinds of features to make your meeting the most efficient. Using them accordingly may be helpful to offer solutions to issues and meet customer’s needs. 

Recording a meeting might be beneficial after the meeting. Instructions and steps provided by the customer service representative may be hard to follow for customers. Customers can watch the recording to go over the instruction. 

Sharing contents about the products also can be helpful to diagnose the problem and discuss it with customers. Sharing screen is another option. You can show your desktop to show helpful videos or ask customers to share theirs.


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