Embed Prebuilt Arvia UI

Embed Prebuilt Arvia UI
You can embed your Arvia meeting rooms on any part of your web page using a single line of iframe embed code.

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When to use Arvia Embedded Pre-built UI

Arvia Prebuilt is a complete, full-featured video call component that you can embed in your app or website with just a single line of code.

Time is money. If you want to embed video calls in your application, but don’t have the time or resources to develop a fully customized video chat UI, we’ve got an answer for you. Arvia’s embedded prebuilt can save you time and cut development costs.

Embed Arvia Pre-built UI

Where to use;

  • You want a responsive and mobile-friendly design.
  • You want to use all of the Arvia features, without going into the SDK details.
  • You want to add video call support to your web pages and you do not want to deal with programming.
  • No coding knowledge is required. You just need to add the required code.

Arvia Prebuilt features

  • Ready-to-use video chat interface
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Screen sharing
  • Active speaker indicator
  • Text chat
  • File sharing
  • Take snapshots
  • Change username
  • Draw on camera
  • Remote control
  • Recording*

*  Read more about our pricing.

Step-by-step guide: embed an Arvia room URL

First, you’ll need to create an account and sign in to Arvia dashboard. Sign up for free now!

On the room list page, roll over to the room item, and click on Embed button.


You will see the code to add to your website.


Example prebuilt UI embed

<iframe src="https://arvia.chat/my-first-room?video=on&audio=on&mediaButtons=on&textChat=on&mediaMessageButtons=on&userNames=on"></iframe>

Meeting customization

Meeting customization is achieved with URL parameters for each iframe instance. It’s possible for each participant in a meeting to have different parameter combinations. Learn more about combining parameters below.

Further, customize the meeting by combining parameters by using the ampersand symbol (&). The following example combines the embed with leaveButton=off and chat=on

Combining parameters

<iframe src="https://arvia.chat/my-first-room?leaveButton=off&textChat=on"></iframe>
URL Parameter Description
Participant joins the meeting with camera turned on or off.
Participant joins the meeting with microphone turned on or off.
Show/hide the media buttons. (Audio – Video mute)
Show/hide the text chat button.
Show/hide the screen sharing button.
Show/hide file sharing buttons.
Show/hide the leave button.
Show/hide user names on participant videos.

The embed parameter applies a combination of UI adjustments to simplify the embedded meeting interface.


Participants join the meeting with their camera on or off, they can also turn it on or off whenever they want during the meeting.

Use case: Customers may want to turn their camera off while a sales representative showcasing a product.


Participants join the meeting with their microphone on or off, they can also turn it on or off whenever they want during the meeting.

Use case: A presentation is being given in a big meeting where attendees are not expected to participate verbally.


Show/hide audio and video mute buttons.

Use case: A presentation is being given in a big meeting where attendees are not expected to turn on their camera and microphone.


Show/hide the text chat button. Participants can also use text messaging during a video calling session.


Show/hide the screen sharing button for the meeting participant.

Screensharing is available on all browsers that support this natively. Currently, no mobile browsers support screen sharing.


Show/hide the file-sharing options in the chatbox.

Use case: Participants can share files or take snapshots during the meeting.


Show/hide the leave button in the UI.


Show/hide the user names on user camera views.

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