4 Benefits of Video Shopping for your E-commerce Site

E-commerce has been the most successful sales model in recent years. However, it would be best if you kept up with the developments in the digital world to show your difference and rise to the leading position in this vast market. It can be said that video shopping is the newest of these developments but also the fastest-growing one.

See the Live Stream Shopping features

For many people, shopping is not only meeting their needs but also a way of socializing and interacting. The missing part of the e-commerce side, so to speak, is this authentic experience. People like to visit the store at the time of purchase, communicate with salespeople, and see the products they want live. This is where video shopping comes into play. When consumers see live people in front of them, they bond more easily with the brand and feel belonging. With video shopping, you can now easily apply it in your virtual store.

People relate to people, and if your brand is like people, they will relate to you too.” – Laura Bush.

Why Should You Use Video Shopping Feature?

The answer to this question is straightforward. First of all, keeping up with and adapting to innovations is one of the main priorities of all businesses. Everyone has experienced that brands lagging behind time disappear one by one. So why not be the first to use innovations and profit in both the short and long term?

After the 2020 Pandemic, the video shopping feature was activated worldwide, starting in China. This was an intelligent solution in such a difficult time when consumers were away from human communication and needed. Let’s briefly look at the size of the video selling market in numbers. After 2019, it showed an increase of 384% in China. Video shopping accounts for approximately 15% of all e-commerce purchases. It is predicted that this figure will be 20% in 2022. We say take your place in such a rapidly growing market now.

If you want to learn briefly what advantages video shopping will offer, click on our video:

Benefits of Video Shopping for Your E-commerce Site

With the video shopping application, customer demands are met in the fastest and easiest way. But the sales volume increases with live one-to-one communication. At the same time, it has a positive effect on essential metrics such as basket amount, shortened service time, and store visits. In short, let’s look at the four benefits of the video shopping feature for your e-commerce site.

Increase Conversions with Video Shopping

The most challenging part of online shopping for consumers is that they have to buy the product without seeing or trying it live. Especially in particular consumption areas such as textiles and electronics, the consumer wants to try, touch, and see the product. Thanks to the video shopping feature, you can show your customers the product in detail with a live video link, use it and try it. This will reinforce your customer’s sense of trust in the development and brand and push them to buy. In addition, during the live connection, you can cross-sell and increase the value of the consumer basket amount.

Make You Feel Special and Build Confidence

One of the most significant advantages of video shopping is that it creates an interaction between you and your customers. Consumers are always curious and want to see the faces behind the brand. You can show them that you provide one-on-one service and care about them, such as video shopping. Therefore, we can say that it is an excellent method to increase the customer loyalty of your customers who trust the brand and feel that they are unique.

Increase Customer Satisfaction Rate

Trying to get information about the product by navigating an e-commerce site is a process that anyone can easily do. However, for the customer whose questions about the product are not answered, getting detailed information can be a waste of time. Thanks to the video shopping feature, you can solve problems instantly and at once and manage questions such as product features and purchasing questions from a single point.

Be One Step Ahead of Your Competitors

Everyone loves pioneers. Why not be a pioneer in your industry? The video selling feature will be the right choice to reinforce your brand awareness and image and show that you are innovative. With more people turning to online shopping, video is a great way to share your story with customers who may not be visiting your business in person. It’s also a great way to compete by standing out from the competition and showing customers exactly what makes your brand unique.

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