Embed video calls anywhere on your web page!

Let your customers interact with your page and talk to you face-to-face at the same time.

A doctor is getting contact with her patient via Arvia video chat on the hospital's website

Use our simple API to embed video meetings in your website or app easily. No coding skills required. Just paste the auto generated text on your page.

Embedded Video Meetings

Arvia Embedded is the easiest way to include video meetings in your product.
Developing and maintaining video meeting infrastructure isn’t your core focus – so make use of our years of experience to offer video meetings, fast.
We maintain all the complexity, and your customers get a great experience.

Take it for a test drive

Our embedded video meetings are configurable with simple to use options.
Experiment with the toggle switches here to see how a video meeting could look on your page.

Media Buttons
Media Message Buttons
Show Username
					<iframe src="https://arvia.tech/your_room?video=on&audio=on&mediaButtons=on&textChat=on&mediaMessageButtons=off&userNames=on"></iframe>

Our prebuilt UI makes it very easy to get started

No downloads, no installs, no code – just click to create a video call on your own website.

Arvia chat group meeting

Test In seconds - no code

It's easy for your entire team to test a video call that's powered by Arvia. Your colleagues can create test calls themselves. 

Fast integration

Develop your website or application, and bring video meetings in with a simple iframe.

Start Video Calls in a Flash!

Send meeting URL to your friends to invite them to your meeting room.

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