Arvia Analytics

Cloud based, High Scalability and Performance

Video chat infrastructure automatically provisioned to match your concurrent user base across devices.

  • With the detailed analytics dashboard you can track and analyze every move to provide the best experience!
  • Perfected data for the customer success and the best operation flow.
  • Arvia’s backend infrastructure is built to meet your scalability and performance requirements.
  • With a strong focus on details, we designed the analytics dashboard that gives you an amazing look at communication patterns and options to further improve user experience.
Arvia Analytics
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Gather Data

Every move on your video chat platform will be recorded!


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Tons of Metrics Provided

You can track your employees and customers with Arvia's detailed analytics screen.


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Customize your own workflow with the help of the simplified, easy to use structure!


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Skyrocket Your Business

Analyze and improve your business' abilities continuously.


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Data is useful, only if it is insightful

Arvia Analytics help you boost agent productivity, and increase customer satisfaction by providing you with the insightful data.

  • How many meetings do your employees have?
  • How long are the meetings?
  • How many meetings convert into sales?
  • How many calls are answered?
  • Sort and filter by agents, departments, date, …etc.

Using our REST API and Webhooks, you can also automate the data flow and integrate with your ERP & CRM systems.

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