Remote Expertise

Video Calling For Insurance

Build more personal relationships with video calling for customers

Arvia inspires insurance companies to humanize their brand by enabling them to build more personal relationships with customers. To do this, we’ve created a software platform that allows insurance agents and companies to use Arvia video calling service on the company’s website. Insurance is one of the most emotional financial decisions your customers make. While video calls can be awkward, painful to set up, and expensive, we believe every conversation matters. Video technology is changing how people communicate around the world. Video calling is an essential way for people to connect when they can not meet face-to-face, which is why it’s finding its place in.

Loss adjustment and repair processes 

Used for preliminary talks

You can reduce hourly or daily operation times to minutes

Arvia is about helping insurers to turn the impersonal digital channel into an easier, more personal human channel. By breaking down the barriers of digitization, and providing a human touch on the other side, Arvia will help insurers to digitize their insurance services in a way that makes their customer service faster and more relevant.

The problem of the digital ‘human channel’ is that it’s slow and inconvenient. Video calling with Arvia can solve all these problems and lets you digitally enhance customer journeys to make them convenient, instant and personal.

Someone showing his/her broken window to insurance company employee via Arvia video chat

There is no longer a need for experts to go to the risk address to review damage reports. Send an Arvia link to the insured, and start your expertise immediately.

Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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