Powering Secure Healthcare Communication App for Patients & Medical Professionals

Arvia is HIPAA-compliant secure communication platform available on iOS and Android devices that enable secure messaging, live video/ audio call, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and more. Safely connect and engage over 1 million patients, doctors and medical professionals 24×7.
  • 1-to-1 chat
  • Video/Audio Call
  • Conferencing
  • Remote Medical Examination
  • HIPAA Compatibility
  • Health Report Sharing
  • Telemedicine
A doctor is examining her patient with phone via Arvia video chat and also text chatting with her patient

Absolute Privacy

Lock Arvia meeting rooms to provide discrete consultations and meetings. The room system is easy to use and enables you to create meeting rooms for each patient with a history of all past meetings. Rooms can be reused – the room link stays the same (if you want) for your patients.

Seamless Integration

The creation of “rooms” provides a simple way of communication for meetings in the medical area. Rooms can be named and customized freely in order to meet your specific needs.

Easy To Use & Implement

Even less tech-savvy people will be able to join your meetings without any issues. A simple click on the link will enable patients & healthcare teams to join the meeting. Patients don’t have to install any software, they just need to enter their name.

HIPAA Compatibility

We support HIPAA compatibility to ensure the entire patient’s sensitive data is protected against data exposure and privacy configuration with end-to-end encryption.

Empowering Healthcare Communication Faster Than Ever Before

Arvia is the all-in-one secure healthcare communication solution that helps doctors, healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers connect quickly and easily.

Arvia offers direct patient engagement tools that help communication
sessions between doctors, patients, medical teams, and family members run smoothly.

From HIPAA-compatible chat solutions to 1-to -1 Video/Audio calling and telemedicine functionality, Arvia gives you the tools to connect with anyone in the healthcare network over an encrypted connection.

  • Strengthening healthcare communications more than ever.
  • Build a world-class connected healthcare ecosystem to thrive in health-center communication.
  • Video conferencing as an alternative to medical consultation.
  • Video conferencing as an alternative to meetings.
A doctor is asking questions to her patient via Arvia video chat

HIPAA compliance + BAA

We offer a HIPAA version of our API, with a secure, drop-in widget. Learn more in our blog post. We will sign a Business Associate Agreement!

Call quality

Our calls are designed to adapt to real networks. We fine-tune bandwidth management over billions of minutes we’re proud to serve.

Add in minutes, not months

Embed compliant video chat with a single line of code. We provide more features, so developers build custom layouts and programmatic workflows, securely.

A tablet with a doctor's picture in it

Create meaningful connections with patients

Arvia is all about more meaningful interactions. In fact, seven out of 10 patients prefer a provider they can interact with on their own terms and in the channel of their choice. That’s why we’re bringing you technology that allows for safe, meaningful communication in a way that’s natural and reinforced by your patient’s mobile devices.
And, it means your patients can access you when they want, wherever they are.

HIPAA Compliance with Arvia

Arvia aims to be the leading communication app for patients and medical professionals. Its secure solution offers them easy communication and full-featured HIPAA compliance, powered by enterprise video chat service.

Drop-in widget

A line of code to add a complete video chat, with polished UI, screen sharing, and more.

Cross browser support

Full support in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and more...

Mobile support

Just click in iOS Safari and Android Chrome — no separate download.

A doctor examines a woman's daughter with a cell phone via Arvia video chat

High quality calls

Built-in bandwidth management and global infrastructure, so calls perform better.

Custom UI

Build your own HIPAA compliant custom video chat layout. Go to our tutorials page.


Developers can create links and control calls programmatically. See our docs.

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