E-Commerce Retail

Retail has changed. Video-powered retail for your customers. Keep conversations in your domain.

Combining the power of video with retail analytics, Arvia’s all-in-one video platform enables you to delight your customers at every stage of their journey. Our tools are easy to use so you can easily tailor your communications.

Increase customer satisfaction by sending important messages. Customize your communications to meet the needs of any customer at every step of their journey.

Keep conversations in your space. Add new ways of communication to the app, website or ecosystem your customer trusts. Arvia allows you to add chat, screen sharing, screen drawing or call support to your platform.
Serve customers at every step of their journey.


Powering Secure Healthcare Communication App for Patients & Medical Professionals

Arvia is HIPAA-compliant secure communication platform available on iOS and Android devices that enable secure messaging, live video/ audio call, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and more. Safely connect and engage over 1 million patients, doctors and medical professionals 24×7.

  • 1-to-1 chat
  • Video/Audio Call
  • Conferencing
  • Remote Medical Examination
  • HIPAA Compatibility
  • Health Report Sharing
  • Telemedicine
A doctor is examining her patient with phone via Arvia video chat and also text chatting with her patient
A teacher is having a class with her students through Arvia video chat


Build Interactive Classroom Apps for Streaming Education

Arvia Video Chat Platform lets you create your own class network and acquire students of any size.

Build a rich, interactive classroom where you can host live online classes or virtual meetings.

Remote Assistance


Arvia is a web platform for video inspection, allowing anyone to remotely connect to bring an expert into an operation for technical support. With Arvia, technicians, experts, and site workers can collaborate with wireless tools and monitor operating procedures — all from your desktop or mobile device.

  • Diagnostics
  • Maintenance
  • Audit
  • Inspection

Do your operations instantly, remotely.

A man is getting technical support from his superior through smart glasses with Arvia video chat technology in it
A realtor is showing an apartment by using a phone, a computer, and a tablet via Arvia video chat

Real Estate

Sell more properties with less effort

Build client relationships, promote listings…
Do not tire yourself and your customers.
Meet in seconds and showcase in minutes.
Less effort, lower cost – more human, online meetings, and more successful sales.

Arvia isn’t just a real estate video chat system. It’s the easiest way to sell properties remotely, which opens up markets to you that you wouldn’t have been able to reach before, and gives you a new advantage over your competitors.

Arvia for Financial Services

Client engagement drives profitability. Captivate and keep clients with Arvia.

With Arvia, you can meet your customers wherever they are with integrated, consistent communication. Measuring engagement becomes effortless, and conversation is more relevant. With Arvia, you build a complete 360-degree view of your customer. This enables you to serve them better through personalized customer communications across every communication channel.

A woman is holding a phone while her finance director calls her via Arvia video chat

Remote Expertise

Video Calling For Insurance
Build more personal relationships with video calling for customers

Arvia inspires insurance companies to humanize their brand by enabling them to build more personal relationships with customers.

To do this, we’ve created a software platform that allows insurance agents and companies to use Arvia video calling service on the company’s website. Insurance is one of the most emotional financial decisions your customers make. While video calls can be awkward, painful to set up, and expensive, we believe every conversation matters.

Video technology is changing how people communicate around the world. Video calling is an essential way for people to connect when they can not meet face-to-face, which is why it’s finding its place in. inspires insurance companies to humanize their brand by enabling them to build more personal relationships with customers.



Arvia for Enterprise

One communication platform to reach every employee, anywhere.

A platform that works with your business, not against it.  Arvia gives you the freedom to embed new features into your existing applications or build new applications faster with programmable APIs.

Five people are video chatting at five different locations

Team Meetings

Teams are more efficient with Arvia

That’s right, better. Meet online face to face and collaborate in real-time meetings right on your website!

Seamless, consistent experience from anywhere. Host or join a meeting from anywhere—on any browser or a mobile device, just on your company’s website. Track meeting data and analyze the productivity.

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